Best Way To Farm Shard of Entsteig Plate

Hey guys, here’s how to easily and quickly farm up the legendary crafting material, Shard of Entsteig Plate. This mat is used for crafting the Aughild’s set pieces which is a pretty good set to craft up. If you haven’t checked out the set I recommend you take a few minutes to see if it would be a good fit for your character.

When I farm for legendary crafting materials I really like to focus on finding specific bounties to do since you can easily see if the one you want spawned very quickly. I don’t remember exactly how many of these things I’ve farmed up since getting the Aughild’s plan but I do know it has been a lot.


Current IK Set Bug with Call of the Ancients

Update: This bug has been fixed on patch 2.0.5.

Here’s a current bug with the Immortal King Set when using Call of the Ancients – Together as One rune. What this does is basically give you a free 50% reduction in damage taken. You can use this with any build, you just need to have access to the Immortal King’s 4pc bonus.

Basically put on the IK set, cast Call of the Ancients with Together as One rune and then put your other gear back on. The ancients will disappear but the buff will remain. You can also wait for the CotA cooldown to reset and you can even switch that skill out for whatever else you want and the buff will stay until you make a new game. Hopefully Blizzard will get this bug fixed very soon.

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Great Way To Farm Gold and Paragon XP

After seeing a bunch of you guys wondering how to farm a ton of gold in RoS, I decided…well…that would probably be a great topic to cover. 🙂 The good part of this is that it can also give you a ton of Paragon XP as well as gold.

The bad part is you will be somewhat limited on how much gold/xp you make by the Torment level you can play on. Obviously the highest Torment level you can do quickly is the best, but even at lower Torment levels you can still make a lot of gold.

These bounties are both really fast and give great gold/xp split up by Act.


Here’s My Fire Barbarian

Hey guys, I finished leveling up my second barbarian to level 70 and decided to make this one a fire barb. This way I won’t have to switch out gear and skills and all that fun stuff when wanting to play a different build.

Here’s a link to this character’s profile

I have quite a few of the base pieces of gear for this build, but most of them are not very good. There is a ton of improvement that can happen before I go crazy with this character. That really is pretty exciting as well.

Currently at 2/4 pieces of the Might of the Earth set and my Fire skills damage is at 110%. My Crit Hit Chance and Crit Hit Dmg is pretty low as well as my Vitality. I really need to work on those.

Future plans for this character is obviously getting better gear, completing the EQ set, as well as finetuning the build and adjusting the Paragon points.


Shattered Core Legendary Crafting Material Farming Guide

Hey guys, I started farming these to make the Devastator weapon for my new Fire Barb. There’s a couple different ways to farm this legendary crafting mat, so I thought I would put them in a video guide.

There are 2 main ways to farm Shattered Cores, both of them can take some time in order to get the drops.

The first way is using the bounties in Adventure mode. This way can be a pain since it will require flipping games in order to get certain bounties in Act II. Both of these bounties can spawn in the Archives of Zoltun Kulle and they share that bounty spawn point with a few other bounties as well. It took me like 10-12 games in order to get one of them.


How To Boost Your Barbarian’s Movement Speed A Lot

Hey guys, one of the biggest questions I get on my stream when I’m doing normal bounty farming is how do I get my Barb to run so fast. I thought it would make for a good, short little video and guide.

There’s a couple different items that I use to help me go really fast and I feel that both of them are pretty easy to get. You really don’t need any crazy good rolls on them, heck you could even use lvl 60 versions if that’s all you have. The items are Warzechian Armguards and Chilanik’s Chain.

I also change up my build a bit to use Sprint with Marathon (40% movement speed for 4 seconds) and War Cry with Charge (to help gain Fury). All of this stuff works well together and can help you both maintain a good speed and have a really high burst speed when you can. Great to use when farming Normal bounties.

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Diablo 3 RoS Fire Based Weapon Throw Ancient Spear Barbarian Build

Hey guys, here’s a fire based Weapon Throw build I’ve put together. For right now I really don’t have a lot of great gear for a Fire-based build but this build can still pump out some decent damage. I can fairly easily kill stuff with it on Torment III right now.

This build does require a few different pieces of gear. As with any Fire-based build, Cindercoat is pretty much a must. The Three Hundredth Spear is also something that is pretty much needed with any type of Weapon Throw/Ancient Spear build. For me, the damage on my spear is pretty low and my Cindercoat isn’t very good either, but they still work.

Build Breakdown

Build Link:!ihfj!cbZcba

Build Notes

  • You want to have Cindercoat and Three Hundredth Spear for this build.
  • Any other + to Fire skills would help it a ton.
  • This build uses a lot of Fury, so adding to Max Fury in Paragon points is a good idea along with resource cost reduction.
  • I like using Ground Stomp when monsters get close and it helps to setup a good Volcano as well.
  • Battle Rage – Bloodshed helps spread the crit dmg from Ancient Spear out a bit.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this build. Try it out and if you have any additions or changes you like to it let us know. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube videos and come hang out on my stream.


List of all the Lvl 70 Set and Legendary Plans

Hey guys, after picking up what seems to be plan after plan, I was wondering how many of these legendary plans exist. I know I’m probably not the only person that wonders that. So, I thought I would put together a list of all of the level 70 legendary plans.

This list only includes the blacksmith recipes as it is pretty easy to determine what plans you get for the jeweler. I have the regular Legendary plans broken down into two categories (Armor, Off-Hand, and Weapons) and have the Set plans in their own category.

Also, instead of showing you the plan tooltip when you hover over it, I am showing you what item the plan makes. I find this easier and faster to see what’s so special about each and every legendary. The sets are different since one plan makes multiple items and these are broken down into each piece of the set.

Anyway, I hope this list helps you out. Let me know if you notice any mistakes or if I’ve left anything out. Also, remember next time you get a legendary plan to drop you didn’t want….be happy…and learn it so it won’t drop again.


Lvl 70 Demon Hunter Update

Hey guys, I thought I would put an update video showing you where I am basically starting at after hitting level 70 on my demon hunter. I leveled to 70 earlier this week but haven’t played him since really.

This really does show how good it is to craft legendaries for your new level 70s. It makes it a lot faster to be able to take on at least Torment 1 pretty fast.

Here’s a link to my profile

I still have a lot of work to do on this character but feel like I’m at a really nice starting base. Once I determine a build I want to play I will be able to optimize a lot more and better.

I will also then upgrade my gems to much better ones once I get some really nice legendaries as well. Also, another 1-hander is on the want to have list.

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Diablo 3 RoS – Easy Solo Powerleveling Method in Act 1 Wretched Mothers

Want to level fast but are sick of trying to get certain events to spawn? Then this method is just what you need. It’s really fast and doesn’t rely on RNG to spawn certain things.

You do have to be able to kill monsters on Normal difficulty. This can be useful for Hardcore but you want to make sure you have enough defense to not get one shot on Torment VI though.

Anyway, enough of that let’s get into the run breakdown.

Run Breakdown

  • Start a game on Normal difficulty on Act 1 Fallen Star – Rumford at the Gate part of the quest.
  • Go through and kill 2 Wretched Mothers for the bonus quest.
  • Once you are 2/3 Mothers killed then leave the game and restart it on Torment VI difficulty.
  • Now, you want to aggro the first mother right outside of town and have her follow you into town where she will instantly die. You will get bonus quest credit and a ton of XP for that.
  • Rinse and repeat!

Nothing crazy difficult here or relying on RNG. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube videos and come hang out on my stream!