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WOO HOO!!! Finally hit Paragon level 100!

Just wanted to do a quick post to let everybody know that I finally hit Paragon level 100! I know…I know….big deal….it’s been done to death since paragon levels came out.

You say that, but you will be happy when you hit the milestone. 🙂 Anyway, after hitting 100 I switched out my helm gem. Then I thought….now what do I do? I farmed a few Demonic Essences but just didn’t feel it. I think I’ve actually played my Barb for like an hour since hitting 100.

I do plan on playing around with different specs, find a great legendary farming spot, leveling up my Monk, and even playing my hardcore character some as well. Don’t worry, I have plenty more videos planned for the future as well.


Diablo 3 Murlocket Farming Guide

The Murlocket is a fun vanity amulet that gives a shout out to the murlocs from World of Warcraft. This video I put together goes through the process of how to find it. The drop rate of the Murlocket isn’t 100% so it may take some time in order to get it. It took me an hour of farming the Sewers in order to get it. I have read that some people have spent many, many hours trying to get it but still haven’t had it drop for them. Good ‘ole RNG. 🙂

Anyway, here’s the video guide breakdown:

1)Start on Act 2 and farm the Sewers of Caldeum.
2)You are looking for Moontooth Dreadshark, he spawns in a pile of unclickable debris. He jumps out when you get close enough.
3)Kill him and profit! The Murlocket is a blue magic item and randomly drops.

Here’s a few things to remember when farming this amulet. It can drop in both Hell and Inferno difficulty. In the video I did Monster Power 3 so I could keep some Fury up with Sprint. Don’t be discouraged, keep looking….yes, you will probably get annoyed for a bit before finding it. Magic Find really doesn’t matter with this since it is just a blue magic item. Also keep in mind this amulet will not work on your follower (meaning the murloc won’t spawn on it) and remember that the murloc doesn’t help fight monsters at all. It’s just a fun little vanity amulet.

That’s it for this, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Patch 1.0.8 Act 1 Inferno Farming Route

In this video I cover my Act 1 farming route for both legendary farming and paragon leveling. This path is easily configurable depending on what you are wanting to accomplish. The main areas involved in this farming path are the Weeping Hollow and Fields of Misery.

I haven’t tested to find the most efficient route for Act 1 farming yet but this has been great so far. I have went from Paragon level 79 to level 96 in the past couple of weeks with limited play time. If you haven’t already check out the video above and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.