Best Way To Farm Shard of Entsteig Plate

Hey guys, here’s how to easily and quickly farm up the legendary crafting material, Shard of Entsteig Plate. This mat is used for crafting the Aughild’s set pieces which is a pretty good set to craft up. If you haven’t checked out the set I recommend you take a few minutes to see if it would be a good fit for your character.

When I farm for legendary crafting materials I really like to focus on finding specific bounties to do since you can easily see if the one you want spawned very quickly. I don’t remember exactly how many of these things I’ve farmed up since getting the Aughild’s plan but I do know it has been a lot.


Current IK Set Bug with Call of the Ancients

Update: This bug has been fixed on patch 2.0.5.

Here’s a current bug with the Immortal King Set when using Call of the Ancients – Together as One rune. What this does is basically give you a free 50% reduction in damage taken. You can use this with any build, you just need to have access to the Immortal King’s 4pc bonus.

Basically put on the IK set, cast Call of the Ancients with Together as One rune and then put your other gear back on. The ancients will disappear but the buff will remain. You can also wait for the CotA cooldown to reset and you can even switch that skill out for whatever else you want and the buff will stay until you make a new game. Hopefully Blizzard will get this bug fixed very soon.

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Great Way To Farm Gold and Paragon XP

After seeing a bunch of you guys wondering how to farm a ton of gold in RoS, I decided…well…that would probably be a great topic to cover. 🙂 The good part of this is that it can also give you a ton of Paragon XP as well as gold.

The bad part is you will be somewhat limited on how much gold/xp you make by the Torment level you can play on. Obviously the highest Torment level you can do quickly is the best, but even at lower Torment levels you can still make a lot of gold.

These bounties are both really fast and give great gold/xp split up by Act.