Achievement Monday: For The Order Achievement Guide

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Kormac the Templar is one of the three primary followers in Diablo III. Once you rescue him from the clutches of the Dark Cultists on level 3 of the Cathedral, Kormac will ask you first to retrieve his items before he will accompany you in your epic journey. After you retrieve all his items, he will then serve you as a follower.

Below are the important details in accomplishing Kormac the Templar’s conversation achievement called For the Order.

Becoming a Templar – Available Act 1 Fallen Star quest

The first conversation you can strike with Kormac is called Becoming a Templar which becomes available in the Quest: The Fallen Star (Act I). This primary conversation is a brief dialogue on how Kormac first entered the order as a young man, quickly adapting the ideals of the templar and naturally adjusting in an ascetic way of life. His devotion is especially unwavering and in spite of his respect for combat prowess, he has an apparent contempt for those who do not share his extreme moral standards. Though Kormac’s ways (The way of the templar) will not always agree with yours, both your aims and goals align and for this reason he will fervently fight alongside you to purge the world from the sinister darkness that corrupts every life that it taints.

Sins – Available Act 1 Broken Blade quest

The second conversation with the Follower Kormac the Templar called Sins, is available at the beginning of the Quest: The Broken Blade (Act I). As you journey together in your quest to purify the land, you begin to inquire about Kormac’s past life before he entered the Order of the Templar, sensing a tragic memory lurking in the follower’s history. Kormac, however, cannot reveal to you the story of his past life as all individuals who joined the templar where cleansed from all their sins along with their past memories.

Initiation – Available Act 1 Trailing the Coven quest

The third conversation called Initiation, is available at the start of the quest Trailing the Coven (Act I). As you advanced further into your journey, your hero pries deeper into the Order in which Kormac owes his eternal allegiance. The Follower reveals why the Order emancipated them of their sinful pasts to prepare them for the final battle. Kormac further reveals a painful initiation ritual, being brutally beaten, starved, and whipped to near death until every ounce of transgression and tainted joy left in him was gone to attain purity. After a sharp remark of opposition to his Order’s ways from your hero, Kormac passionately defends the worldly intent of the order exclaiming that the pain he suffered was necessary for the survival of humanity.

Lessons – Available Act 1 The Imprisoned Angel quest

The fourth conversation called Lessons with Korma the Templar will be readily available upon the start of the Quest: The Imprisoned Angel (Act I). In this dialogue, your hero tells Kormac that the Spirits believes he is a good man. Your hero urges Kormac to test his faith and prove him wrong by confronting what he calls his past sins. Kormac considers the thought for a second and passionately barks back that if there were no such sins in the past, then everything he has believed in and fought for his entire life was meaningless.

Seeking the Truth – Available Act 2 The Road to Alcarnus quest

The fifth dialogue with the follower Kormac the templar is accessible in the start of the Quest: The Road to Alcarnus (Act II). In this conversation, your hero has now convinced Kormac to restore the deleted pages of his past. Your hero has succeeded in tearing down the blinded wall of belief that Kornac has for the Order.

Confronting Fears – Available Act 2 A Royal Audience quest

With a newly found strength to question his faith with the Order, Kormac translates a strange passage from Jondar’s journal that he believes would help him shed light on his buried past in the dialogue Confronting Fears available when you begin the Quest: A Royal Audience (Act II). The journal contains Jondar’s experience when he found what he called a “set of keyword” hidden in a dusty libram that lead to his abandonment to the ways of the orders. Kormac was prepared to look into those words to find out the mysteries of his past and once and for all find peace within him.

The Torn Page – Available Act 3 The Siege of Bastion’s Keep quest

Accessible at the start of the Quest: The Siege of Bastion’s Keep (Act III), The Torn Page is a dialogue between your hero and Kormac pertaining to a secretly hidden torn page in Jondar’s Journal that the latter found. Kormac was excited, yet deeply bothered at the same time, to uncover the possible lies encrypted in the torn page.

The Templar’s Research – Available Act 3 Turning the Tide quest

The Templar’s Research, available at the start of the Quest: Turning the Tide (Act III), portrays Kormac stumbling in an even more troubling discovery in the hidden torn page of Jondar’s Journal. He discovers a mysterious set of instructions for the creation of magical weapons that was identical to that on the bracers of Tyrael’s armor. Realizing that they both do not hold the answers to the strange encryptions, your hero decides to ask Tyrael himself on the matter.

The Truth – Available Act 3 The Breached Keep quest

The hidden meaning of the strange encryptions in the torn page is revealed in The Truth, available at the start of the Quest: The Breached Keep (Act III). Tyrael interprets the information hidden in the page and comes to the conclusion that certain members of the Order were experimenting on turning Templars as living weapons with the use of Angelic Weapons to counter a possible impending attack from the Heavens. Tyrael further explains that the possibility of a War with the heavens might have happened before but would never happen now with the forces of hell breaking lose in the mortal world. Despite everything he has learned, Kormac found a new and stronger faith in the Order and swears with your hero that when they have finally accomplished their journey he will return home and plunge a spear into the ground before the Vault of the Order and seek truth and justice for what he has learned even if it means challenging every champion.

Secrets of the Tome – Available Act 3 Machines of War quest

Secrets of the Tome features a troubled Kormac, tormented by thought that he could have saved Jondar from turning to the evil side if the Order had not betrayed him and most importantly if he only confronted him and helped him before when he sensed his doubts and troubles. Your hero consoles Kormac with his wisdom and both continue in their journey. The conversation is available at the start of the Quest: Machines of War (Act III).

The Templar’s Lesson – Available Act 4 Falls of the High Heavens quest

Accessible in the start of the Quest: Falls of the High Heavens (Act IV), The Templar’s Lesson displays Kormac’s total change of heart. He shares with your hero how deeply wrong he was for thinking that he was a primitive and dangerous savage in their first encounter. Your hero responds with great wisdom and tells Kormac to always ignore what other people say and trust the spirit always for they hold the truth.

Adria’s Betrayal – Available Act 4 Falls of the High Heavens quest

Adria’s Betrayal, available in the beginning of the Quest: Falls of the High Heavens (Act IV), reveals a surprising revelation in your hero’s journey together with Kormac the Templar. Adria was all along the mother of Diablo’s child and Kormac blamed himself for being unable to discover the true nature of Adria. Your hero concludes that he should not blame himself for everyone was fooled and the best they can do was to set things right.

Shadows of the Coven – Available Act 4 Falls of the High Heavens quest

The final part of the conversation achievement: For the Order is available at the start of the Quest: Falls of the High Heavens and highlights a dialogue that makes complete sense of your hero’s journey. In this final dialogue, Kormac reveals his suspicion that Adria was the other leader in which Maghda shared leadership with for the Coven and disappeared without a trace twenty years ago before the Darkening of Tristam. Your hero supports his claim exclaiming that the spirits believe it to be true. He further states that Adria, disappeared to find Diablo in Tristam while Maghda stayed with the Coven.