Achievement Monday: To Catch A Thief Achievement Guide

Another Monday….another installment of Achievement Monday! The only cure for a case of the Mondays!

This week we are sticking with the conversation achievements that we started last week. Last week was the Templar conversation achievement guide and this week is dedicated to the Scoundrel conversation achievement guide. Without further ado…here we go!

In a land flanked by the High Heavens and the fiery Gates of Hell, a teeming population of rouges, scrapers, and opportunists, is nothing new and Lyndon is one of these characters. He has spent most of his life hiding from place to place, swindling unwary locals, seducing ladies, and engaging in late night episodic drinking. His life of larceny was always in the edge of ending, with the possibility of incarceration or a violent confrontation from an armed guard.

It is hard to believe that a man so superficially charming and selfish without a single drop of remorse could offer his dedication to a battle against hordes of vicious demons and rampaging beasts. There certainly must be more to a man than his lust for women, wine, and wealth. This is where your adventure with Lyndon the Scoundrel, one of the major followers in Diablo 3, begins. Talking to the man will reveal his own problematic past and the wounds that have transformed him into a cold blooded Scoundrel.

Lyndon’s Origins – Available Act 1 Fallen Star quest

The first conversation with Lyndon the scoundrel begins in the Quest: The Fallen Star (Act I). Your character inquires on the origin of Lyndon where the he reveals the place he hailed as home while wittingly evading the nature of his trade. His reluctance to reveal his true nature is apparent in the first conversation.

The Unrepentant Rogue – Available Act 1 The Doom in Wortham quest

The second conversation with Lyndon is available in the Quest: The Doom in Wortham (Act I). You character finds it odd that Lyndon spends a great deal of his time chasing women yet he never had one of them to stay. He reveals that there was one woman in her life that he found worth keeping yet slipped away. Your hero sensed a great deal of pain as he mentioned that one woman.

Kingsport Fighting – Available Act 1 Trailing the Coven quest

The third conversation reveals the fighting prowess of Lyndon the Scoundrel and is accessible in the Quest: Trailing the Coven (Act I). Your character inquires of his commendable fighting ability and found out that when he was younger, his brother taught him how to fight with the use of the crossbow. Your character also asked of the whereabouts of his brother where Lyndon exclaimed that he was in Kingsport and expects him to be there for a long time.

Sticky Fingers – Available Act 1 The Imprisoned Angel quest

This fourth conversation with Lyndon the Scoundrel is available in the Quest: The Imprisoned Angel (Act I). In this part, your character further pries on the mysterious life of Lyndon and opens the question on why he became a thief. Unlike other thieves, however, Lyndon’s path was a long and terrible one.

Difficult Decisions – Available Act 1 Return to New Tristram quest

The fifth conversation takes place in the start of the Quest: Return to New Tristram (Act I). It shows that Lyndon never wanted to become a thief in the first place. Your hero discovers a great pain that Lyndon carries in his heart and an unfortunate past experience that lead him to a life of a con.

Blood Ties – Available Act 2 The Road to Alcarnus quest

The sixth conversation, available at the start of the Quest: The Road to Alcarnus (Act II), reveals Lyndon’s family history. He had a brother and both of them where orphans. It is ironic to find that his brother was a city guard and Lyndon was a thief. One way or another, the path they chose must have intertwined.

Brothers Divided – Available Act 2 City of Blood quest

The seventh conversation takes place in the start of the Quest: City of Blood (Act II). Your hero asks Lyndon why he did not follow his brother in becoming a guard. You found out that as a young boy, Lyndon was very outgoing, adventurous, and was unlike his brother. He always stayed out of trouble, however, and found entertainment in the Thieves guild.

The Guard’s Fate – Available Act 2 Unexpected Allies quest

Available at the beginning of the Quest: Unexpected Allies (Act II), The Guard’s fate displays your character’s pestering on Lyndon about the fate of his brother. Lyndon was apparently stubborn on the matter and scorned on your player’s penetrating questions.

First Love – Available Act 2 Blood and Sand quest

Unlocked in the start of the Quest: Blood and Sand (Act II), this eighth conversation with Lyndon the Scoundrel talks about the story of his love life. He shares his deep love for a woman that he spoke of earlier and its hurtful end. The woman, whom he loved with every inch of his heart, married his brother. This was the tragic story of Lyndon’s past love and as your hero gains his trust in every successful exploit, he reveals every important detail of his life and why it has come to be.

The Thief’s Secret – Available Act 3 The Siege of Bastian’s Keep quest

Now we move deeper into the real story if Lyndon the Scoundrel’s life and the important events that transpired in the past that led him to become what he is now in the start of the Quest: The Siege of Bastian’s Keep (Act III). The conversation commences with your hero inquiring more about the fate of Lyndon’s brother. He shared with you that they used to be a team in the past, with Lyndon giving reliable tips on some of the Thieves Guild’s hits while his brother played the Hero.

On one event however, his brother misjudged the timing and showed up too early in the Merchant’s Guild Bank heist. Some of the guards unavoidably became suspicious and thought that his brother was involved. Ever since that miscalculated event, his brother had been rotting in a jail cell in Kingsport while he was able to escape the long hand of the law. When asked whether or not he was guilty for his brother’s tragic fate, Lyndon responds that he no longer knows how to feel about it.

The Scoundrel’s Wealth – Available Act 3 Tremors in the Stone quest

The eleventh part in unlocking the conversational achievement “Name to Catch a Thief” is available at start of the Quest: Tremors in the Stone (Act III). Your character asks Lyndon what he intends to do with the riches that he accumulated. He revealed that he planned on living a life of dissoluteness, pleasure, and overindulgence. Your character protests exclaiming that such life is impossible in a cold and desolate place that they are living. Lyndon realizes the gravity of your hero’s words and explains he wants to pay all his debts with the riches that he found.

Brotherly Love – Available Act 3 Heart of Sin quest

Accessible at the beginning of the Quest: Heart of Sin (Act III), Lyndon reveals the sacrifice that he is making in the conversation Brotherly Love. Even with his brother rotting in prison without a single clue of the feelings Lyndon has for his wife, Lyndon continues to support his brother’s family with the gold he earns in his illegal exploits. He intends to pay off the Merchant’s Guild in Kingsport for his brother’s freedom when he has enough wealth.

A Dark Outlook – Available Act 4 Fall of the High Heavens quest

The 13th conversation with Lyndon the Scoundrel is available at the start of the Quest: Fall of the High Heavens (Act IV). Lyndon seems to be content with his life as he faces, together with your hero, an imminent death. Choosing the path of a con, he has accepted that his life is supposed to be short lived. Yet he still feels regretful for the countless women who will be heaving bosoms and torn clothes all over the land when the word spreads that he has fallen into battle.

A Lost Family – Available Act 4 Fall of the High Heavens quest

This pre-final conversation in Lyndon’s life story is featured in the beginning of the Quest: Fall of the Heavens (Act IV). Your player asks Lyndon if ever he reflects on his family at the moment. He responds that there is no point in such if his life will end in the moment. Your hero, however, convinces him that there is still a chance for them to succeed and Lyndon reveals a painful burden he is carrying in his heart.

His brother’s wife thinks that Lyndon was behind his husband’s imprisonment and his brother believes that her conviction was true. Lyndon confesses to your hero that, as low as his status in society was, he would never frame his brother even if it means winning her wife back. His heart aches every time his family continues to hold on that false belief.

A Final Gift – Available Act 4 Prime Evil quest

The final step in accomplishing the conversation achievement, To Catch a Thief, is previewed in the start of the Quest: Prime Evil (Act IV). Triumphant in your journey and quest to cleanse the land from evil, your character hands Lyndon an unexpected gift. Your character gives Lyndon a sum of gold more than enough to pay all his debts and pay the ransom for his brother’s freedom. Your hero also decides to accompany Lyndon in Kingsport.