Act 1 Inferno Cleared! The Butcher Has Been Butchered!

I spent a good amount of time last night finally being able to get through Act 1 Inferno.  The Butcher has been defeated!  I wasn’t able to do this solo…yet, so I enlisted the help of the Public Games feature.

Yeah, you heard that correctly…I was able to find a game in the Public Games that had a good group of people to play with and was able to work as a team to get Act 1 done.  Yes, there were plenty of deaths on the way through the Act.  It seemed like every rare or champion mob had mortars and shields with the occasionally arcane.  It did seem like there were quite a few packs that I didn’t think we could get through but we managed to get through them.

I think the favorite pack we had was Mortar/Shielding/Arcane/Plagued.  When I say favorite I mean…OMG I didn’t think we could beat them.  We were backed up to the spawn point a couple of times and we all know that is not good.  I didn’t get any good screenshots of any of the packs though.  It was fun but exhausting…we ended up killing the Butcher around 3am I think it was.

I started out on Act 2 solo today and I keep getting one-shot by the dang wasps that fly around right outside of the city gates.  LOL….gonna have to gear up a lot to go any further I think.  Time to go back and get to work on having the Butcher on farm.  That’ll probably even take some time to accomplish.  Overall, so far I’m really liking the difficulty of Inferno mode.  One thing I will never do though is take a Hardcore character there…LOL.  🙂