Act 1 Inferno Farming – How To Get The Most Out of Butcher Farming Runs

I have been doing Warden/Butcher runs for awhile now on Inferno. I have got it almost down to just 30 minutes each run with minimal deaths. This guide is to show you exactly how I do these runs with my Demon Hunter.

First off, make sure you setup a game on the quest Imprisoned Angel at the Cursed Hold portion of the quest. That is the basic pivot point of the runs.

Once in-game if you can afford to wear any Magic Find gear, then put it on and go with it. Remember you want speed, so anything that slows down your damage you may not want to wear. In the video above you can see that I only have 53% Magic Find starting out. That’s the most I want to wear because wearing any more really starts to slow me down a bit. Yes, I need to upgrade my Magic Find gear a bit. lol

Read on for the build I use and notes about the run…

Current Farming/Progressing Build

This is a great build and one that I am using now. Evasive Fire is awesome. I found out about this build on the IncGamers website. Click here to learn more about this build.

There are a few different farming spots to hit during this run. I always start out hitting the Cemetery so I can get an early start on the Nephalem Valor stacks. This really is important because we really want the most Magic Find we can get during the later portion of the Act.

It can sometimes seem like a waste of time but hitting the Cursed Hold with having 3-5 stacks already help gets the train moving along. That’s also so you won’t have to back track later on in the run.

Location #1: Cemetery of the Forsaken

You want to hit all three of the Defiled Crypts to kill elite packs to get Nephalem Valor stacks. That is the main point of the Cemetery. A nice side bonus is the possibility of having events happen and of course any rares you get from the packs at the Cemetery.

If you get lucky you can really fill your inventory with magic and rare items before heading any further. If you need to speed this portion up, you can skip the events if you want. Remember, 3-5 stacks of Valor is what we are after in here. I have hit 5 stacks here but most of the time get 3-4.

Location #2: Halls of Agony Level 2

Hit the waypoint here and start exploring the map. We are hunting for elite packs for the drops and any stacks of NV we have left to get. This will really help out when 1.0.3 hits and the elite packs drop a guaranteed rare, although right now it almost seems they do anyway.

Towards the end of the level, remember to look at the room in the bottom of the pit for an event. It sometimes spawns and can have some nice stuff drop, not to mention…pretty much free gold.

Location #3: Highlands Passage

The obvious next step is to follow through to the Highlands Passage. You really want to have your 5 stacks by now at the latest. There are three things to look out for here. The first one is the event which can drop some decent loot and/or give you that last stack of NV you need.

The second one is the chest that can spawn before you turn and go down the stairs. My friends have seen set items/legendaries drop from that specific chest, so don’t skip it. 🙂 The last thing is the vendor (at either the end of the event or next to the chest if no event spawned).

The vendor is important so we can vendor any gear that isn’t lvl 60. Keep an eye on the AH prices though, as this may change. Right now the Wishful Essences are selling at or below vendor price so you can make more gold just vendoring the items. Note: the rings/amulets that are lvl 59….keep those because they salvage into the Inferno essences. Anything else lower (that won’t sell on the AH) feel free to salvage.

Location #4: The Cursed Hold

Now we are approaching the Warden. Run around and free all the prisoner’s while hunting for elite packs to kill. Sometimes I do feel the need to kill some regular monsters through the bars. You can either skip them or kill them….it’s up to you.

Make sure to check for elite packs in the middle where the Warden spawns. You do want to kill those before trying for the boss. Elite packs have spawned there before and it really can add a bit of difficulty to killing the Warden (depending on what affixes they roll). Better safe than sorry.

After killing the Warden you can head back to town and sell/salvage the crap and put the good stuff to sell on the AH in your stash. That’s so we won’t have to worry about it later or have our inventory completely fill up.

Location #5: Halls of Agony Level 3

At this point I really just try to find the way to the Butcher quickly, so I don’t really spend a lot of time exploring the entire level. It really is up to you. 🙂 Next, we are now at the Butcher. Kill him quickly and gather the phat lootz that hopefully dropped for you.

Don’t head back to town just yet though. I always move on and complete the quest first. It really only takes a minute to do and gives you 3,200 gold for doing it. Why not! After doing that head back to town, but we are not done just yet.

Location #6: Old Tristram Road

To end I always head back here to see if the Dank Cellar spawned or not. If it did, take a few seconds to kill Sarkoth and get some nice gold, gems, and possible magic items. Takes a minute to do. That really ends what I do as for now, but if you feel up to it you could add the Inferno Whimsyshire to the list at this point.

This is how I do Warden and Butcher runs on Inferno. You can sometimes get some great items and other times just get a bunch of crap. The gold per hour here is low around 150k-300k although I didn’t really measure that as the main focus is item drops here. If you need some upgrades this is a great place to be, especially if you need to gear up for Act 2 Inferno.