Act 1 Safe Hardcore Powerleveling Method

The other day I did a video showing the Act III event farming area for experience. It was pretty popular and just brought one question to mind that I couldn’t find the answer to. Where could someone do the same type of powerleveling on hardcore?

Well, I found this spot today. It’s safer than safe and all you do is turn in a quest. It doesn’t involve fighting monsters, or heck…you don’t even see a monster at all the whole time (the setup doesn’t even have a monster).

Yes, like the other area we are depending on an event to spawn so this can get kinda boring. I recommend you have some friends come along and help you out. Fire it up on Torment VI and go. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Run Breakdown

  • Start on Act 1 Trailing the Coven quest. Take the waypoint to Wortham Chapel and run until you get the checkpoint right before entering the spider cave.
  • From there every game you will have to run backwards a bit to see if the vendor with the cart spawned. If he did grab the quest and turn it in to the hermit next to the spider cave entrance.
  • Having friends help find a game where the cart spawned is a great way to speed it up a lot.

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