Act 2 Farming Route Patch 1.0.8

Finally put a video together showing how I farm Act 2. After testing a bunch of different areas in Act 2 I feel like this route flows together the best. It also incorporates many different types of farming into one run as well. With this route you can farm XP, legendaries, and demonic essences pretty easily. It also avoids having to restart new games every 5 minutes as it is a bit longer.

Here’s the breakdown of the route:

1. Start at Vault of the Assassin
2. Next head over to Dahlgur Oasis
3. Ancient Waterway….go to Eastern and Western Channels
4. Next do Desolate Sands in a big circle

From there, just rinse and repeat! I hope this run has helped you plan out yours and if you have any other great information to add please feel free to comment and let me know.

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