Act 2 Inferno – PWNT!!!

This weekend was a good one for me. I finally was able to kill Belial and finish up Act 2 Inferno on my Demon Hunter. Now, I know this isn’t some miraculous achievement or anything but it did feel good to be able to progress again.

I was able to get it done with some help from my friends. Four of us at around 8-9am Sunday were able to do it. I had been up all night long and was starting to get a bit tired but we did it after a few attempts. 🙂

I used the basic high crit build that is ever-so-popular across the internet these days. My gear really isn’t anything special (not really one of those that spends millions on one piece of gear at the AH) as I have opted more for Vitality and Resists so I could take a couple hits before dying.

All this one-hit madness is driving me crazy and will get really expensive with repairs once 1.0.3 comes out. My base damage without Sharpshooter active is right at 38k which isn’t too bad.

All of these different Demon Hunter videos I watch across YouTube always say it really isn’t worth it to get Vitality or Resists gear since you will get one-shot anyway. I totally disagree with this, since I can take a few hits with my “mediocre” gear and in a few months getting one-shot in Inferno will probably be a thing of the past.

Remember, it still is really early in the “life cycle” of Diablo 3 and the gear people have is still very “young”. While extremely high Dex, low Vitality, and low Resists is very common now, in the future it will not be.