Act 2 Inferno Treasure Goblin Farming Spot For Harcore and Softcore

Just put up a video showing a great spot to farm Treasure Goblins in Act 2 Inferno. This is a well known spot and is highly used, especially in hardcore, since it really is one of the safest spots to farm Treasure Goblins.

Head to the Act 2 Quest City of Blood at the Lair of the Witch waypoint. Take the Road to Alcarnus waypoint and start looking to see if a Treasure Goblin spawned. I usually take this part slow and start clearing out the mobs since it is possible to die when looking. It takes a bit longer that way but is safer.

The goblins don’t spawn every game but do spawn pretty often all around different places around the waypoint. Most of the places are pretty safe but along the top it can be tricky since the goblin can run up and out of the area into big packs of mobs.

Always want to attack the Treasure Goblins from above to prevent that from happening and so they will run down and hopefully get caught in a corner or the bottom of the map. Magic Find gear will help out a lot in this spot and usually with 200% MF a rare will normally drop. Just need to find a good balance of MF gear and damage gear to make sure you can kill the goblin.

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