Act 2 Nightmare AFK Gold Farming Spot For Demon Hunters

UPDATE: This has been nerfed. The mobs that spawn no longer drop loot.

I saw this on YouTube and thought it was a interesting way to make some gold while you are AFK. Now, this isn’t a totally AFK method, can’t rely on it for 12 hours straight or more, but it really is nice if you want to farm some gold while doing other things for a few hours.

It’s not fantastic gold per hour but every little bit helps when you are away. Diablo Pablo only had 90% gold find when he did this video (40k gold per hour) and I’m sure a nice increase in gold find (200%+) will make it pay off much better for you.

This is a pretty specific strategy for making gold and it requires the Demon Hunter’s use of his Ferret companions (sorry other classes). They are the ones that do pretty much all the work picking up gold.

Like I said earlier, you will want to check in on the game every once in awhile to repair your gear and pick up some items that dropped. Overall, a pretty interesting way to make gold that I would have never thought of myself.

Thanks Diablo Pablo for sharing this!