Act 3 Keep Depth Runs For Legendaries and XP

I put together today’s video showing a nice run that I’ve had success with the past few days. For most runs that are out right now, they are either experience runs or legendary runs. This run has a bit of both!

You could get a nice group of 4 people together and crank up the difficulty to Torment VI and grind out that XP or you can just cruise yourself through on Torment 1 for some fun, some xp, and a good shot at some legendaries! It’s a pretty customizable place to farm until the expansion hits on March 25th!

Keep Runs Breakdown

  • Start at Act III The Breached Keep quest at the beginning of the quest.
  • The run consists of doing all 3 levels of the Keep Depths including killing Ghom.
  • Pretty self-explanatory run with huge potential. I got 4 upgrades this week in this location.

That pretty much sums it up. My best in this location is 12 legendaries in about 6 hours of farming this spot. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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