Act 3 Nightmare Farming – How I Make 200k Gold An Hour

Thought I would do a post and share how I’ve been making 200,000 gold in an hour on Nightmare difficulty. The beauty of this is you don’t have to be in Inferno trying to farm out gold running the same small strip over and over again. This is especially great for new level 60 players that really don’t have a ton of gold yet. I believe this works even better if you have a Demon Hunter, but with it being in Nightmare difficulty any class should be able to farm 200k gold an hour.

This is pretty simple and I am going to share my build, GF stats, and strategy just after the break.

My GF Demon Hunter Build

Click the link to see my gold find build, it’s still in early development but it works extremely well so far. This is a modification from my usual Inferno “progression” build.

I went with Elemental Arrow with Ball Lightning rune to have a great AOE spell that really cleans out rooms very fast. I haven’t found anything faster yet. Of course I use the Ferret companion pet for the 10% bonus to Gold Find as well as having something to help me pick up gold. That really helps to speed things along.

Marked For Death is good to have with the Mortal Enemy rune since you will be running low on Hatred a lot. It helps to get it back up very quickly so you can fire more Elemental Arrows. Also very helpful on boss fights. Bosses go down really fast (with a good dps crossbow).

My Current Stats

Gold Find – 173%
Magic Find – 11%
Damage – 17,830.31

Compared to others my Gold Find is still pretty low. That’s good since a bit more Gold Find will only up my gold per hour. That stat is without the Nephalem Valor buff which is really a must have for this farming. I believe it really is what makes this a good gold per hour run. If you are under level 60 my advice is to get level 60 ASAP, since you will make a ton more gold from the Valor buff. I have no clue what the gold per hour would be on a character under level 60. Feel free to try it out and let us know in the comments below. My damage is okay, plenty of it to kill mobs fast.

Notice that I have almost zero Magic Find, that is because I am solely focusing on gold with this. More Magic Find, you get more drops but that will send you back to town to empty your inventory a lot more.

Use your follower! You can fill your follower up with another 14% Gold Find for yourself. I don’t recommend filling him up with the best Gold Find gear since the benefit you receive is just a fraction of the total amount. Keep the cheap stuff for him.

Location, Location, Location

I am a firm believer that in Diablo 3 the gear/build is more important than the location. With the right Gold Find gear you can do pretty well just about anywhere. I prefer to start right at the beginning of Act 3 and go until the end of Act 3. Rinse and repeat. That is about it. In Act 3 you will have plenty of champion packs to kill to get your Valor buff going and you will be maxed out before you know what happened.

Speed is the key and that includes finding the way through dungeons fairly quickly. A good strategy for that is to go clockwise around the map (just like you did in D2). That helps me find the way to go fast enough. This act also has a lot of set maps that are not randomized. Take note of what is and isn’t random and you will do just fine.

Overall, it’s a great way to make some nice gold for some nice gear on the auction house.

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Le me give you an advienne.
You must raise the radius of gold/health.
You’ll be more efficient because you will need less time to make the run.

*Let me give you an advice.
(damn the french auto prediction of my android device)

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