Beta Patch 15 Still Down For Maintenance

Wow, come on Blizzard!  The new patch is still holding servers down after Blizzard ran into an unexpected problem. The servers were supposed to be back up at midnight PST, it is now almost 12 hours later and it is […]

Official Beta Patch 15 Notes

Beta Patch 15 is going live tonight, here are the official patch notes. Not a whole lot going on in this patch, mostly just fixing some bugs and minor adjustments.  I did see one undocumented change when logging in.  They […]

Big News!!! Release Date Announced!!!

Finally…Blizzard has finally released the release date.  May 15th, 2012 is the magical day.  I know I’ll be spending the rest of that week playing Diablo 3. Mark the day on your calendar as a vacation day or week.  🙂  […]