Beta Patch 15 Still Down For Maintenance

Wow, come on Blizzard!  The new patch is still holding servers down after Blizzard ran into an unexpected problem.

The servers were supposed to be back up at midnight PST, it is now almost 12 hours later and it is still down.  Yes, I do realize this is just a beta so, of course, there will be unexpected downtime.

It does make a lot of people nervous though.  At release, for example, is there going to be downtime then as well?  How often are they going to release patches?

It’s issues like this that make the OFFLINE single player mode sound better and better every day.  Now, Blizzard has said they are not going to have a ton of patches and they expect to run maintenance on the servers like they do in Starcraft 2.

Only time will truly tell how all of this will hold together.  It just makes the player base a bit nervous…