Manglemaw Runs For Legendaries

UPDATE: This run has been nerfed as of 4/8/14 with patch 2.0.4. Hey guys, I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the Manglemaw runs and how good they were. I was a bit skeptical but after an hour of […]

Diablo 3 RoS Fast Solo Powerleveling

UPDATE: This run has been nerfed as of 4/8/14 with patch 2.0.4. Hey guys, I put this video together very quickly to share this great solo powerleveling method with you. It involves starting in Adventure mode, heading to Act III […]

Act 3 Keep Depth Runs For Legendaries and XP

I put together today’s video showing a nice run that I’ve had success with the past few days. For most runs that are out right now, they are either experience runs or legendary runs. This run has a bit of […]

Wave of Force Wizard Build

Here’s another fun Wizard build you can play around with as you wait for the expansion to hit. When I leveled up my second Wizard I started trying out Wave of Force and really did like it. I was left […]

D3 Frost Arrow Demon Hunter Build

I haven’t played the Demon Hunter much at all since patch 2.0 came out. I did get a chance to play around with it earlier today and found this build to be pretty fun. My gear on my DH is […]

Diablo 3 – Act 1 Goblin Farming Patch 2.0.3

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything about goblin farming. I remember back in the day watching Kripp farm that goblin in Act 2 on hardcore. This farming spot kinda brings back the fun a bit especially now […]

D3 Fire Barb Build Patch 2.0

Here’s a fun build that I’ve been running around with lately, the fire barbarian build. It really is fun and a bit different to play than the other barb builds. This one focuses around the Seismic Slam skill and is […]

Diablo 3 Powerleveling – Act 2 Royal Audience Runs Patch 2.0.2

Wow, this run is pretty awesome. It is a bit of a pain because it does require some running around before you get to start killing monsters but the experience is pretty amazing. This one is in Act 2 on […]

Everything You Need To Know About The 2.0.1 Reset Quests Feature

The new reset quest feature is pretty awesome. I have used it a lot myself for when I play through the game again and again. I keep seeing a lot of questions about what exactly does it do, the benefits […]

D3 Core of Arreat Farming for Legendaries Patch 2.0.2

Wanting to get some more legendary drops? This “Core run” is currently pretty popular to do because a lot of people have great success with it. This is a pretty simple and fast run at the Core of Arreat in […]