D3 Powerleveling – Crypt of the Ancients (CotA) Runs Patch 2.0.2

Blizzard did a good job nerfing all the quest XP after the first playthrough. So, many of the different “Do this quest” runs have been killed. Here’s a different run today that has some fantastic experience with it for Paragon leveling before the expansion.

This spot is in Act 1 at the Crypt of the Ancients. This location has a nice density of mobs that die pretty quickly and can be done in just a few minutes each run. At this location I’ve been able to get anywhere around 20-25 million xp here per run.

Ideally, you would want to have fantastic gear on Torment VI to get the most xp here. I know that isn’t always possible and heck, I can’t really do it very well on higher Torment levels than III. So, the xp here can be a lot better or slightly less depending on your gear setup and build.

Watch the video above to see the whole run in action or click through to see the run breakdown.


D3 Frozen Orb Wizard Build

I’ve been playing my Wizard a lot more lately and that’s pretty much due to this build. It’s a pretty straightforward build in terms of playstyle but feels strong. It’s also a nice throwback build to the days of Diablo 2 when Frozen Orb ruled.

Build Breakdown

Build Link:!ZcW!YcZcac

Build Notes

  • Main spell focus is on Frozen Orb, that’s where most of your damage comes from.
  • Make sure you stay buffed at all times with Storm Armor, Magic Weapon, and your Famaliar.
  • Teleport is pretty much your “Oh Crap! Get Me Outta Here!” button.
  • Any increase to Cold Skills you can get on your gear is good.
  • Lightning Skills damage increase can also be useful if you don’t have the +Cold Skills.

That pretty much sums up this build. Head on out, give it a shot and let us know what you think! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos!


Diablo 3 Paragon Leveling – Cage Runs Patch 2.0.2

UPDATE: The huge quest reward XP has been nerfed on 3/6/14.

I’m surprised Blizzard didn’t nerf this run today as well. With the Caldeum Refugees and Mira runs being nerfed they have seemed to forget this one.

What am I talking about? Cage runs! The whole premise of this is pretty much the same as the Mira runs although the xp per hour is lower it still can add up pretty nicely and quickly. Also remember these can get pretty boring fast as well.

Cage Run Breakdown:

  • Start on Act 2 – Road to Alcarnus quest on the Lieutenant Vachem part.
  • Start a game, take the waypoint to the Outpost and go through and do the quest basically.
  • Can get around 10 million xp every couple of minutes doing this on Torment IV difficulty.
  • I’m sure it can be sped up greatly on Torment 6 with a good group.

That’s basically all there is to it. A lot of people have been looking for a spot like this since the others got nerfed so here you go! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Patch 2.0.1 – Whirlwind (WW) Barbarian Build

Some people have been asking for it, and here it is, the new WW Barb build. This build is currently popular with streamers like Moldran and is a pretty fun build to play. The killing ability of it is pretty nice and strong for the time being. Anyway, if you have been missing the WW Barb then try this one out!

One important note: The old infinite WotB/Tornado WW Barb is pretty much dead. It was fun, but way too powerful. This new build is different and with the speed adjustment of Whirlwind you can really feel the difference. It does take some getting used to but is pretty good. Click through to read the build breakdown or watch the video above!


D3 Paragon Leveling – Mira Runs Patch 2.0.1

UPDATE: This has been nerfed in the most recent patch 2.0.2.

Here’s some great information about a new very popular type of paragon leveling, dubbed Mira Runs. This has become more popular since the insane cursed chest farming was nerfed. While you won’t be seeing 2 billion xp per hour with this one you can still get some nice xp.

Warning though….it can get pretty boring when you are doing it over and over again. Anyway, check out the video to see it in action!

Mira Run Breakdown:

  • Start on the Shattered Crown quest in Act 1.
  • Grab quest, talk to Haedrig, head in the cellar.
  • Kill the blacksmith’s wife, Mira. Head back to town….rinse and repeat.

Overall, pretty simple but I decided to make a quick video of it since a lot of people were asking about Mira Runs in the chat.

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Patch 2.0.1 – Boulder Barbarian Build

YAY! Patch 2.0.1 is here! Boooooooo….my WW Barb build isn’t as good anymore. If that thought process crossed your mind then you are probably looking for a good replacement. I’ve spent the past few days researching the answer to this same question. Trying out different stuff, reading tons of stuff on the internet trying to find something.

The great news is I found this awesome Boulder Barb build that works great! I can’t take credit for coming up with this build. Here’s where I first learned about it. I still feel like I could do some more tweaking/testing with it to make it even better. As with any build this is still totally a work-in-progress.

Watch the video above to see this build in action or click through to see the breakdown.


D3 Powerleveling 1 – 60 Patch 2.0.1

UPDATE: This has been hotfixed, so this no longer works.

This is by far the fastest way to power level a character in Diablo 3. It really seems to be a by-product of the way monsters scale depending on your level. On the bright side, it really is a great way to catch up a friend to hit level 60 when they are just coming to the game.

Some players might consider this to be over the edge and closely an exploit, so use with caution. I can see Blizzard fixing this with a hotfix pretty soon. I don’t think they want the leveling from 1 to 60 to be so trivial.

Here’s the breakdown of the video above:

  • Have a friend that can do Torment 5 or 6.
  • Start at the very first quest and have your friend kill everything.
  • Only do the quests up until you kill the zombies in the Inn.
  • Lather…Rinse….Repeat!

This usually takes about 15 minutes to get from 1 to 60.


Act 2 Farming Route Patch 1.0.8

Finally put a video together showing how I farm Act 2. After testing a bunch of different areas in Act 2 I feel like this route flows together the best. It also incorporates many different types of farming into one run as well. With this route you can farm XP, legendaries, and demonic essences pretty easily. It also avoids having to restart new games every 5 minutes as it is a bit longer.

Here’s the breakdown of the route:

1. Start at Vault of the Assassin
2. Next head over to Dahlgur Oasis
3. Ancient Waterway….go to Eastern and Western Channels
4. Next do Desolate Sands in a big circle

From there, just rinse and repeat! I hope this run has helped you plan out yours and if you have any other great information to add please feel free to comment and let me know.

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Diablo 3 Murlocket Farming Guide

The Murlocket is a fun vanity amulet that gives a shout out to the murlocs from World of Warcraft. This video I put together goes through the process of how to find it. The drop rate of the Murlocket isn’t 100% so it may take some time in order to get it. It took me an hour of farming the Sewers in order to get it. I have read that some people have spent many, many hours trying to get it but still haven’t had it drop for them. Good ‘ole RNG. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, here’s the video guide breakdown:

1)Start on Act 2 and farm the Sewers of Caldeum.
2)You are looking for Moontooth Dreadshark, he spawns in a pile of unclickable debris. He jumps out when you get close enough.
3)Kill him and profit! The Murlocket is a blue magic item and randomly drops.

Here’s a few things to remember when farming this amulet. It can drop in both Hell and Inferno difficulty. In the video I did Monster Power 3 so I could keep some Fury up with Sprint. Don’t be discouraged, keep looking….yes, you will probably get annoyed for a bit before finding it. Magic Find really doesn’t matter with this since it is just a blue magic item. Also keep in mind this amulet will not work on your follower (meaning the murloc won’t spawn on it) and remember that the murloc doesn’t help fight monsters at all. It’s just a fun little vanity amulet.

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Patch 1.0.8 Act 1 Inferno Farming Route

In this video I cover my Act 1 farming route for both legendary farming and paragon leveling. This path is easily configurable depending on what you are wanting to accomplish. The main areas involved in this farming path are the Weeping Hollow and Fields of Misery.

I haven’t tested to find the most efficient route for Act 1 farming yet but this has been great so far. I have went from Paragon level 79 to level 96 in the past couple of weeks with limited play time. If you haven’t already check out the video above and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.