How To Price and Sell Your Items on the AH

Here’s a video that I put together walking you through the steps I take in order to find out two things. The first thing I find out is if the item I find is worth selling on the AH and the second thing I find out is how much the item is worth.

I decided on this topic since I know a lot of people who feel like they never have any gold and also feel like all the items they find are junk (or they are junk and they think the item is worth a lot). This topic alone can take someone from having hardly any gold to having a decent amount pretty rapidly.

This method along with my Act 1 farming route has helped me get millions of gold rather quickly. While this still is subject to the RNG of the game, I usually find at least one item per run I do that could be sold on the AH for at least a million gold.

Try this out and let me know what you think. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of new videos I do.


How To Kill Inferno Ghom With a Tank Barbarian (Patch 1.0.3)

I put together this video after getting stuck at Ghom in Act 3 Inferno. I couldn’t manage to kill him even though I had high resists on my Tank Barb. After researching for a bit I found the easiest solution to kill him.

You can see how stupid easy this is in the video. When I say stupid easy, I totally mean it. As Athene would say we turned Ghom into “chewing Ghom”….lol.


Here’s My Act 1 Inferno Farming Route For Patch 1.0.3

I put together this video about Act 1 Inferno farming since a lot of people have been asking for something like this. I know my route is a bit different than other routes I have seen which is pretty cool. It really is kinda fun to not have to farm the same spot over and over again to get loot.

This route has helped me make tons of gold over the past few weeks and was even able to find a rare ring that sold for 20 million gold on the gold AH.

Once you get to Inferno and can easily clear Act 1 then you can use this farming run to your advantage. One key thing to remember is you don’t need super awesome gear to get this done, but better gear will help you clear it faster.

Here’s the basic breakdown:


Magic Find VS Gold Find – Which One Is Better?

I made a quick video sharing my thoughts on the whole Gold Find VS Magic Find debate that has been going on since the game was released.

Watch the video above and share your thoughts about which one is better in the comments below.

Guides Items/Characters

Inferno Butcher Down On Fresh Lvl 60 Tank Wizard

This weekend I took some time and leveled my Wizard from 50-60 and started on Inferno. I wasn’t sure what kind of build I should use, but stumbled upon the new build type everybody is talking about…the Tank Wizard or as I call it…the Tankizard. (Yeah, yeah, it needs work.)

I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up with less than optimal gear but it did really well and surprised me. This build itself can probably help you progress to Act 3 Inferno pretty easily with minor gear upgrades.

Watch the video above to get a better feel for it by seeing it in action, then read on to get the full scoop of the build and how to do it yourself.


Top 5 Demon Hunter Builds To Try Out Post Patch 1.0.3

What build can I use for my Demon Hunter now? I get this question a lot since the Nether Tentacle nerf in patch 1.0.3. A lot of players kinda brushed their DH off to the side and opted to level the new flavor of the month (Barbarians), but I have stuck with my Demon Hunter and have found some nice builds to make it pretty good and fun again.

Here is a list of the top 5 Demon Hunter builds I have found on the internet. These builds give a nice variety in skills used and give you a different perspective on the Demon Hunter.

Disclaimer: I didn’t create these builds, just did a lot of research to find them. Try them out and see how you like them.


Act 2 Inferno Treasure Goblin Farming Spot For Harcore and Softcore

Just put up a video showing a great spot to farm Treasure Goblins in Act 2 Inferno. This is a well known spot and is highly used, especially in hardcore, since it really is one of the safest spots to farm Treasure Goblins.

Head to the Act 2 Quest City of Blood at the Lair of the Witch waypoint. Take the Road to Alcarnus waypoint and start looking to see if a Treasure Goblin spawned. I usually take this part slow and start clearing out the mobs since it is possible to die when looking. It takes a bit longer that way but is safer.

The goblins don’t spawn every game but do spawn pretty often all around different places around the waypoint. Most of the places are pretty safe but along the top it can be tricky since the goblin can run up and out of the area into big packs of mobs.

Always want to attack the Treasure Goblins from above to prevent that from happening and so they will run down and hopefully get caught in a corner or the bottom of the map. Magic Find gear will help out a lot in this spot and usually with 200% MF a rare will normally drop. Just need to find a good balance of MF gear and damage gear to make sure you can kill the goblin.

Take a few minutes to watch the video above and don’t forget to subscribe to my videos on YouTube.


Act 1 Inferno Farming – How To Get The Most Out of Butcher Farming Runs

I have been doing Warden/Butcher runs for awhile now on Inferno. I have got it almost down to just 30 minutes each run with minimal deaths. This guide is to show you exactly how I do these runs with my Demon Hunter.

First off, make sure you setup a game on the quest Imprisoned Angel at the Cursed Hold portion of the quest. That is the basic pivot point of the runs.

Once in-game if you can afford to wear any Magic Find gear, then put it on and go with it. Remember you want speed, so anything that slows down your damage you may not want to wear. In the video above you can see that I only have 53% Magic Find starting out. That’s the most I want to wear because wearing any more really starts to slow me down a bit. Yes, I need to upgrade my Magic Find gear a bit. lol

Read on for the build I use and notes about the run…


High Crit Demon Hunter Build Guide AKA Glass Cannon Build

PATCH 1.0.3 UPDATE: With the nerf of Attack Speed and the Nether Tentacles in patch 1.0.3 there are a few things I would change up with this spec. The first thing is to use Elemental Arrow with Ball Lightning in place of NT. The other thing is to not worry about getting tons of Attack Speed. It is still good, but far less of it is available on gear. Now I would focus more on Critical Hit Chance and Damage along with Dexterity.

One of the most popular builds for Demon Hunters currently is the High Critical Damage build. Everybody, it seems, uses this or a variation. Here’s my take on this popular build.

This build is really for those players who love to not get hit AT ALL. With this build if you get hit (and don’t have a lucky Dodge) you will die. It really is the ultimate take on a “glass cannon”. You can really dish out the damage, but have no survivability at all.

This build is NOT hardcore friendly (unless you are feeling extra crazy). The basis of the build is getting your critical hits extremely high and pretty much one shotting everything before they one shot you. Read on for the build and my notes on it.


How I Kill The Skeleton King Solo Inferno

Thought I would put together a little video walking you through how I kill the Skeleton King on Inferno. If you are having problems killing him as a Demon Hunter then here are a few things that helped me kill him the first few times.

Wear a shield. I’m not kidding. It does seem funny but having a shield on those first few kills really helped a lot because it prevented SK from one shotting me. I used it until I could take a hit without getting one shot. Practice, practice, practice.

The other thing that helped was being able to time his teleport swing. When you start seeing him teleport hit Smoke Screen and that’ll protect you. You have to time it right since you really only have a second. You can also sometimes run away from it but I prefer to use Smoke Screen.

Still having trouble? Then it’s time to go farm some items or buy from the AH. It shouldn’t take a long time to get some nice items to help you along. The Cemetery is a great place to start farming at since it is full of elite packs. If you are still stuck with that then Sarkoth runs will be what you need.