Here’s My Fire Barbarian

Hey guys, I finished leveling up my second barbarian to level 70 and decided to make this one a fire barb. This way I won’t have to switch out gear and skills and all that fun stuff when wanting to play a different build.

Here’s a link to this character’s profile

I have quite a few of the base pieces of gear for this build, but most of them are not very good. There is a ton of improvement that can happen before I go crazy with this character. That really is pretty exciting as well.

Currently at 2/4 pieces of the Might of the Earth set and my Fire skills damage is at 110%. My Crit Hit Chance and Crit Hit Dmg is pretty low as well as my Vitality. I really need to work on those.

Future plans for this character is obviously getting better gear, completing the EQ set, as well as finetuning the build and adjusting the Paragon points.


List of all the Lvl 70 Set and Legendary Plans

Hey guys, after picking up what seems to be plan after plan, I was wondering how many of these legendary plans exist. I know I’m probably not the only person that wonders that. So, I thought I would put together a list of all of the level 70 legendary plans.

This list only includes the blacksmith recipes as it is pretty easy to determine what plans you get for the jeweler. I have the regular Legendary plans broken down into two categories (Armor, Off-Hand, and Weapons) and have the Set plans in their own category.

Also, instead of showing you the plan tooltip when you hover over it, I am showing you what item the plan makes. I find this easier and faster to see what’s so special about each and every legendary. The sets are different since one plan makes multiple items and these are broken down into each piece of the set.

Anyway, I hope this list helps you out. Let me know if you notice any mistakes or if I’ve left anything out. Also, remember next time you get a legendary plan to drop you didn’t want….be happy…and learn it so it won’t drop again.


Lvl 70 Demon Hunter Update

Hey guys, I thought I would put an update video showing you where I am basically starting at after hitting level 70 on my demon hunter. I leveled to 70 earlier this week but haven’t played him since really.

This really does show how good it is to craft legendaries for your new level 70s. It makes it a lot faster to be able to take on at least Torment 1 pretty fast.

Here’s a link to my profile

I still have a lot of work to do on this character but feel like I’m at a really nice starting base. Once I determine a build I want to play I will be able to optimize a lot more and better.

I will also then upgrade my gems to much better ones once I get some really nice legendaries as well. Also, another 1-hander is on the want to have list.

Anyway, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube videos and come hang out on my stream!


D3 RoS List of Where to Farm Legendary Crafting Materials

Hey guys, I was going to put together a huge list to help you when you are looking where to farm certain legendary crafting materials. After looking around though, I saw one that is totally awesome and decided to link to it instead. This list looks to be updated a whole lot and is by far the most comprehensive one I’ve seen.

Click Here To See The List

Thank you Angzt for this sweet, sweet list! 🙂

It also lists the current drop rate for the legendary crafting materials and a future drop rate after they get buffed a bit. So, to answer your question….what is the drop rate for legendary crafting materials from SuperUniques….here you go:

Normal difficulty
Current: 5%
Future: 15%

Hard difficulty
Current: 6%
Future: 18%

Expert difficulty
Current: 7.2%
Future: 21%

Master difficulty
Current: 8.6%
Future: 25%

Torment I
Current: 10.4%
Future: 31%

Torment II
Current: 12.4%
Future: 37%

Torment III
Current: 14.9%
Future: 44%

Torment IV
Current: 17.9%
Future: 53%

Torment V
Current: 21.5%
Future: 64%

Torment VI
Current: 25.8%
Future: 77%


D3 RoS List of Torment Only Legendaries

Since the last list has become so popular and useful to people I decided to get together a new one containing all the Torment difficulty Legendaries that can drop. Like the other list you can hover over the name and see the item stats.

I do have a couple of sets that exist but couldn’t find them in the game guide so I just have the set names listed. Hopefully this can help you decide if you should farm on Torment or not.


Update #2 For My Lvl70 Barbarian

Hey guys, it’s only been a few days since the first update I did for my Barbarian but a ton of stuff has changed since then. I feel like I still really need to optimize his gear even more, but like always this is a work in progress. 🙂

Some key changes I’ve done:

  • Got rid of the 2-hander for 2 1-handers. I did this basically for the extra socket for more Critical Hit Damage.
  • Did gamble a few rings and then rerolled them to take advantage of Crit Hit Dmg and Crit Hit Chance.
  • Dropped War Cry for Avalanche with the Volcano rune.
  • Changed Battle Cry rune from Into the Fray to Marauder’s Rage since I feel like my Crit Hit Chance is in a good place.
  • Lvl 70 IK Helm dropped! Rerolled the socket into 6% Crit Hit Chance (on my 2nd reroll).

Check out the video and hopefully it will help you out with your Barbarian. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and feel free to come hang out with me on Twitch!


D3 RoS List of Bounty Bag Legendary Rewards

Here’s the list of all the Horadric Cache legendary rewards. You can ONLY get these legendaries from the Horadric Caches from doing Bounties. This list is split up into Act specific rewards, for instance if it is listed under Act 1 then it can only drop from the Horadric Cache from doing Act 1 and Act 4 Bounties (Act 4 can drop all of them). I hope that is clear.

There are also some myths about the Caches as well, just remember that the contents of the Cache is determined when it is dropped. You can’t take a Normal Cache to Torment and get the Torment level rewards.

I have also linked directly to the d3 game guide so you can hover over the item to see the stats. On the game guide though, it gives the stats for the lowest required level for the item so keep that in mind. The stats will be much higher for the level 70 versions.

Patch 2.0.5 Update: Bounty Bags can now also drop Torment-only legendaries!


D3 RoS Update On My Lvl 70 Barb

Hey guys, got my Barb to level 70 early in the morning and thought I would do a quick video going over my current gear, skills, etc.

It’s all a work in progress, so if you have any ideas for improvement let me know! 🙂

Long way to go to get him where I want him but I’m okay with that. Anyway, enjoy the video, hopefully you can learn something from it and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!


Getting Ready For RoS and AH Closure

I put this quick video together today to go over what I’m doing to prepare for the expansion and the closure of the AH on Tuesday (3/18). This really isn’t any mind blowing stuff but I do highly recommend you put together a plan on what you need to accomplish to be ready for the expansion.

AH Closure:

  • Sell all the extra gems you currently have. In RoS you will see the Marquise gems dropping.
  • Sell all the crafting mats you have (unless you decide to do a few crafts for upgrades).
  • Sell all the white/gray items you find for anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 each.
  • Any old gear you have that is worth something, sell it as well.

RoS Preparation:

  • I wouldn’t craft any upgrades for your geared characters right now. (Exception to this is any character that has really bad gear and it won’t take but a few crafts to get an upgrade.) Save all the gold you can for level 70.
  • Paragon levels are nice and can help you out a lot at level 70. My goal is a conservative Paragon level 200. I’m already at 183 and I don’t want to burn myself out before the expansion hits. 200 Paragon levels will allow you to max out 1 attribute in each of the different categories.

That’s pretty much it. As you can see nothing crazy or mind blowing here. Just make sure you get together a plan that will help put you in a good spot for RoS.

Items/Characters News

WOO HOO!!! Finally hit Paragon level 100!

Just wanted to do a quick post to let everybody know that I finally hit Paragon level 100! I know…I know….big deal….it’s been done to death since paragon levels came out.

You say that, but you will be happy when you hit the milestone. 🙂 Anyway, after hitting 100 I switched out my helm gem. Then I thought….now what do I do? I farmed a few Demonic Essences but just didn’t feel it. I think I’ve actually played my Barb for like an hour since hitting 100.

I do plan on playing around with different specs, find a great legendary farming spot, leveling up my Monk, and even playing my hardcore character some as well. Don’t worry, I have plenty more videos planned for the future as well.