Patch 1.0.5 Update On My Demon Hunter

It’s been far too long since I have updated you on the status of my Demon Hunter. It really has been put on the back burner since I’ve been working a lot on Paragon leveling for my Barbarian. The good […]

Patch 1.0.5 Preparation and Barbarian Paragon Leveling Update

News for patch 1.0.5 has started to be released. It seems like this patch will be another good step forward for Diablo 3. In this patch you can expect to see the Infernal Machine and the new Monster Power system. […]

Barbarian Paragon Leveling Update and Congrats on 100 Alkaizer!

It’s been a bit over a week since I last made a video. The reason being, is that every extra bit of time I had I was leveling my paragon. In the last video I was paragon level 13 and […]

Killing Inferno Maghda With New Tank Barbarian

I put up a video showing my new tank barbarian I lvled up this past weekend. I hit lvl 60 on Friday and with spending less than 1 million gold on the AH was able to gear him out fairly […]

Inferno Butcher Down On Fresh Lvl 60 Tank Wizard

This weekend I took some time and leveled my Wizard from 50-60 and started on Inferno. I wasn’t sure what kind of build I should use, but stumbled upon the new build type everybody is talking about…the Tank Wizard or […]

Patch 1.0.3 Skeleton King Changes and What Demon Hunter Build to Wear?

Just got done putting a short video together showing the new change to the Skeleton King in Inferno along with trying out a new build for my Demon Hunter. The Nether Tentacle nerf really did hit a lot of Demon […]

Act 2 Inferno – PWNT!!!

This weekend was a good one for me. I finally was able to kill Belial and finish up Act 2 Inferno on my Demon Hunter. Now, I know this isn’t some miraculous achievement or anything but it did feel good […]

I Killed Jay Wilson In The Development Hell Secret Level

Servers came back up and was able to play. I decided on doing some Inferno Skeleton King runs and grabbing some stacks of the Valor buff in the Cemetery. Little did I know that I would end up in the […]

Act 1 Inferno Cleared! The Butcher Has Been Butchered!

I spent a good amount of time last night finally being able to get through Act 1 Inferno.  The Butcher has been defeated!  I wasn’t able to do this solo…yet, so I enlisted the help of the Public Games feature. […]

Putting Low Level Legendaries To “Good” Use

After writing the last post I thought I would put my couple of legendaries to good use, so I started another Demon Hunter. Got this one to level 8, and have equipped the legendaries. I don’t really know if I […]