Patch 1.0.5 Update On My Demon Hunter

It’s been far too long since I have updated you on the status of my Demon Hunter. It really has been put on the back burner since I’ve been working a lot on Paragon leveling for my Barbarian. The good part of having my DH on the back burner is being able to find nice upgrades for it when playing my Barbarian. That is how I was able to get a ton of good gear for my Demon Hunter and is pretty much ready to be played a lot more.

That is pretty much what I do for all my under geared level 60s. It’s so easy to find some decent drops that aren’t necessarily upgrades for your main character but could be used by a different one.

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Patch 1.0.5 Preparation and Barbarian Paragon Leveling Update

News for patch 1.0.5 has started to be released. It seems like this patch will be another good step forward for Diablo 3. In this patch you can expect to see the Infernal Machine and the new Monster Power system.

Infernal Machine is a type of machine that you will need to gather parts (from item drops) in order to complete it and once it’s completed you will get to fight the uber bosses. As of right now we know of one reward from this is a legendary ring (that is bind on account). Not sure how hard this will be, but hopefully it will be challenging.

One thing I think they should do is add uber versions of D2 bosses into D3. That would be pretty cool. 🙂

The Monster Power system is like the “players 8” command in Diablo 2. You get to increase the difficulty (health and damage) of the monsters and you will earn more xp, better loot, etc. Pretty easy to understand. One thing I want to do is find my specific Monster Power number in which I will be able to get awesome rewards while still farming fast.

The system goes from 1-10 with the current Inferno difficulty is around 2-3. That leaves some awesome scaling on difficulty for 10 I hope. Worst thing that could happen is Monster Power 10 being not difficult enough.

That’s pretty much all we know (for these 2 topics) at the moment. I’m hoping they bring out more info pretty quickly and bring the patch kinda fast.

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Barbarian Paragon Leveling Update and Congrats on 100 Alkaizer!

It’s been a bit over a week since I last made a video. The reason being, is that every extra bit of time I had I was leveling my paragon. In the last video I was paragon level 13 and in this video I was paragon level 37.

I also go over changes to my paragon leveling route as well as gear changes and skill updates. A lot of stuff has happened in Diablo 3 this past week with one of those being Alkaizer being the first person to hit paragon level 100. Congrats Alkaizer! He was also nice enough to live stream and share his Act 3 route, which is what I have been using.


Killing Inferno Maghda With New Tank Barbarian

I put up a video showing my new tank barbarian I lvled up this past weekend. I hit lvl 60 on Friday and with spending less than 1 million gold on the AH was able to gear him out fairly well. The build I was using is based off of Kripp’s tank barbarian build.

I’m expecting to be able to take this barbarian all the way through Inferno Diablo with a few changes in gear here and there. Watch the video above and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Inferno Butcher Down On Fresh Lvl 60 Tank Wizard

This weekend I took some time and leveled my Wizard from 50-60 and started on Inferno. I wasn’t sure what kind of build I should use, but stumbled upon the new build type everybody is talking about…the Tank Wizard or as I call it…the Tankizard. (Yeah, yeah, it needs work.)

I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up with less than optimal gear but it did really well and surprised me. This build itself can probably help you progress to Act 3 Inferno pretty easily with minor gear upgrades.

Watch the video above to get a better feel for it by seeing it in action, then read on to get the full scoop of the build and how to do it yourself.

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Patch 1.0.3 Skeleton King Changes and What Demon Hunter Build to Wear?

Just got done putting a short video together showing the new change to the Skeleton King in Inferno along with trying out a new build for my Demon Hunter. The Nether Tentacle nerf really did hit a lot of Demon Hunters hard, but was it really not expected for it to be nerfed?

Regardless, now I am trying out different builds and in the video above I decided to try out an Impale Crit build. The Impale crits can do a lot of damage but it isn’t spammable and you have to watch where you aim. It really is a complete opposite build from the NT spam we have all grown to love.

A few changes here and there might make it a bit better. At this point all we can do is try out different builds and go with one you like. (That kinda is the name of the game anyway…isn’t it?)


Act 2 Inferno – PWNT!!!

This weekend was a good one for me. I finally was able to kill Belial and finish up Act 2 Inferno on my Demon Hunter. Now, I know this isn’t some miraculous achievement or anything but it did feel good to be able to progress again.

I was able to get it done with some help from my friends. Four of us at around 8-9am Sunday were able to do it. I had been up all night long and was starting to get a bit tired but we did it after a few attempts. 🙂

I used the basic high crit build that is ever-so-popular across the internet these days. My gear really isn’t anything special (not really one of those that spends millions on one piece of gear at the AH) as I have opted more for Vitality and Resists so I could take a couple hits before dying.

All this one-hit madness is driving me crazy and will get really expensive with repairs once 1.0.3 comes out. My base damage without Sharpshooter active is right at 38k which isn’t too bad.

All of these different Demon Hunter videos I watch across YouTube always say it really isn’t worth it to get Vitality or Resists gear since you will get one-shot anyway. I totally disagree with this, since I can take a few hits with my “mediocre” gear and in a few months getting one-shot in Inferno will probably be a thing of the past.

Remember, it still is really early in the “life cycle” of Diablo 3 and the gear people have is still very “young”. While extremely high Dex, low Vitality, and low Resists is very common now, in the future it will not be.


I Killed Jay Wilson In The Development Hell Secret Level

Servers came back up and was able to play. I decided on doing some Inferno Skeleton King runs and grabbing some stacks of the Valor buff in the Cemetery. Little did I know that I would end up in the secret “Development Hell” level. It was interesting to say the least.

The mobs were all named after the different game developers that worked on Diablo 3. Working my way through the level I came upon Jay Wilson, killed him and got the achievement “Smash! Jay, Smash!”. Pretty funny.

Since I have never heard of this level before I did jump and got Fraps running so you could see. It completely took me off guard but now I got a nice Feat of Strength achievement and a cool banner sigil. I only wished that Jay Wilson dropped something good. 🙂 Dang it Jay…give me the phat lootz!!! Continue reading to see the video.


Act 1 Inferno Cleared! The Butcher Has Been Butchered!

I spent a good amount of time last night finally being able to get through Act 1 Inferno.  The Butcher has been defeated!  I wasn’t able to do this solo…yet, so I enlisted the help of the Public Games feature.

Yeah, you heard that correctly…I was able to find a game in the Public Games that had a good group of people to play with and was able to work as a team to get Act 1 done.  Yes, there were plenty of deaths on the way through the Act.  It seemed like every rare or champion mob had mortars and shields with the occasionally arcane.  It did seem like there were quite a few packs that I didn’t think we could get through but we managed to get through them.

I think the favorite pack we had was Mortar/Shielding/Arcane/Plagued.  When I say favorite I mean…OMG I didn’t think we could beat them.  We were backed up to the spawn point a couple of times and we all know that is not good.  I didn’t get any good screenshots of any of the packs though.  It was fun but exhausting…we ended up killing the Butcher around 3am I think it was.

I started out on Act 2 solo today and I keep getting one-shot by the dang wasps that fly around right outside of the city gates.  LOL….gonna have to gear up a lot to go any further I think.  Time to go back and get to work on having the Butcher on farm.  That’ll probably even take some time to accomplish.  Overall, so far I’m really liking the difficulty of Inferno mode.  One thing I will never do though is take a Hardcore character there…LOL.  🙂


Putting Low Level Legendaries To “Good” Use

After writing the last post I thought I would put my couple of legendaries to good use, so I started another Demon Hunter. Got this one to level 8, and have equipped the legendaries. I don’t really know if I would consider it good use or not, but here we go.

They are:
Bakkan Caster
Sin Seekers

That was a bit of fun…probably will replace the crossbow at least fairly soon. 🙂 Here is my new level 8 Demon Hunter in all her glory!  Doesn’t the crossbow look pretty cool?

Why didn’t I just sell them on the AH?

I didn’t sell them because basically I probably couldn’t have sold them at a price that would be worth it. I see 25+ pages of auctions for each item and the prices range from insanely low (500g) to insanely high (over 1 million gold). It really doesn’t look like they sell at all, as most people are looking for max level weapons.  That and these are probably the “junk” legendaries.  😛