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Patch 1.0.5 Preparation and Barbarian Paragon Leveling Update

News for patch 1.0.5 has started to be released. It seems like this patch will be another good step forward for Diablo 3. In this patch you can expect to see the Infernal Machine and the new Monster Power system.

Infernal Machine is a type of machine that you will need to gather parts (from item drops) in order to complete it and once it’s completed you will get to fight the uber bosses. As of right now we know of one reward from this is a legendary ring (that is bind on account). Not sure how hard this will be, but hopefully it will be challenging.

One thing I think they should do is add uber versions of D2 bosses into D3. That would be pretty cool. 🙂

The Monster Power system is like the “players 8” command in Diablo 2. You get to increase the difficulty (health and damage) of the monsters and you will earn more xp, better loot, etc. Pretty easy to understand. One thing I want to do is find my specific Monster Power number in which I will be able to get awesome rewards while still farming fast.

The system goes from 1-10 with the current Inferno difficulty is around 2-3. That leaves some awesome scaling on difficulty for 10 I hope. Worst thing that could happen is Monster Power 10 being not difficult enough.

That’s pretty much all we know (for these 2 topics) at the moment. I’m hoping they bring out more info pretty quickly and bring the patch kinda fast.


Legendary Item Changes Patch 1.0.4

Blizzard just graced us with a new developer blog post which outlines the Legendary item changes we can expect in patch 1.0.4.

Here’s a few of the changes that makes my mouth water:

-Some legendary items will grant your character certain elite mob affixes (such as shielding, molten, etc.)
-Legendaries can now be ilvl 63, and major weapon damage increases.
-Helm of Command will NOT be changed.
-Any new set items will have a different name/set so you won’t be able to mix/match pre 1.0.4 and post 1.0.4
-Legendary crafting patterns will craft the new version of items post 1.0.4 (except for Helm of Command)

There’s a lot more. I recommend you take a few minutes and read through the full 1.0.4 Legendary Item Changes Developer Blog post for all the changes.

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Read About the Systems Preview in Patch 1.0.4

If you haven’t seen it yet, the systems preview blog post for patch 1.0.4 is now live. It looks like there is a bunch of goodies coming for 1.0.4 which is expected to drop at the end of this month.

Here’s some highlights:

  • No more averaging MF in co-op games
  • Monster health in co-op games will be a flat 75% increase per player
  • Enrage timers on elite packs….GONE!
  • Elite packs no longer heal back to full health
  • No more invulnerable minions
  • Normal monsters buffed a bit and drops for magic items increased by a factor of four
  • Adjusting Fire Chains and Shielding affixes
  • Weapons ilvl 61-62 can roll damage that extends to the ilvl 63 level
  • Reducing repair costs of high-end items by 25%
  • Adding new affix to help with two-hander weapons and dual-wielding

There is a lot more to come as this is just the first developer blog post for patch 1.0.4. It looks to be off to a good start, but won’t really be able to tell until the patch is live.

If you want to read the whole developer blog post, here is the link:


Diablo 3 Character Profiles Are Here!

Just a quick news update. The “long-awaited” character profiles are finally here! (I, personally, would rather see a patch…but something is better than nothing I guess.)

After browsing around at my characters for a little bit I noticed one MAJOR thing that was missing from it. Where in the world are the achievements? I hope they add that at a later date. It does seem kinda strange to leave them out at this point.

To see your profile, just login to your account and click on “View Profile”. To see other people’s profiles in the forums you can click on “View Profile” underneath their name.

Items/Characters News

Patch 1.0.3 Skeleton King Changes and What Demon Hunter Build to Wear?

Just got done putting a short video together showing the new change to the Skeleton King in Inferno along with trying out a new build for my Demon Hunter. The Nether Tentacle nerf really did hit a lot of Demon Hunters hard, but was it really not expected for it to be nerfed?

Regardless, now I am trying out different builds and in the video above I decided to try out an Impale Crit build. The Impale crits can do a lot of damage but it isn’t spammable and you have to watch where you aim. It really is a complete opposite build from the NT spam we have all grown to love.

A few changes here and there might make it a bit better. At this point all we can do is try out different builds and go with one you like. (That kinda is the name of the game anyway…isn’t it?)


The Complete List of Patch 1.0.3 Nerfs

As you probably know already, patch 1.0.3 hit the live servers today. Instead of doing the usual copy/paste of the complete patch notes (like every other Diablo site) I thought doing a list of nerfs would be helpful to many of you looking to see what was nerfed in the patch. Of course, if you want the complete patch notes you can find them at the official Blizzard site.

Tons of nerfs hit the servers pertaining from class skills all the way to the way Magic Find works on chests. I have each and every nerf listed below by main category. The Demon Hunter nerfs are listed in the patch notes as Bug Fixes but these are pretty big so I included them. I haven’t played the new patch yet, but it seems the OP days of Nether Tentacles may be over.

I did list some other Bug Fixes that were commonly abused. See the full list after the break.


Diablo 3 Hotfix June 9th – Good Bye Sweet Pots Full O’ Money

Blizzard did a small hotfix today that fixed a couple different things. One of the major things was reducing the amount of gold that is dropped in Act 1 pots of ashes and Act 4 vases. This pretty much makes the Act 1 Inferno Royal Crypts gold farming useless now.

It also puts a huge damper on the Act 4 Inferno Vase farming (although that really was about getting chests and items more than gold), so that is probably still do-able from a pure MF standpoint.

Here’s the complete list straight from the horse’s mouth.


  • In cooperative games, monster damage will no longer increase when additional players join the game. Please note that monster health will still scale based on the number of players in a party.

Bug Fixes

  • Tyrael no longer has collision when he is your active follower
  • Pots of ashes in Act I and vases in Act IV will now drop less gold when destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where players could turn in the same quest repeatedly and always receive rewards as though they were completing the quest for the first time

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Preview – Inferno Nerf Inc, Crafting Costs Down and Repair Costs Up

UPDATE: Patch 1.0.3 is going live today 6/19! Maintenance today from 3:00am PDT to 1:00 PDT.

Blizzard just put out a preview of what we can expect to see in the next patch (1.0.3). They are changing a lot especially when it comes to the end-game. Inferno will be seeing a difficulty nerf in Acts 2-4.

The drop rates on lvl 61-63 items will be increasing in late Hell and Inferno. Stop crafting until this patch hits as it will reduce the costs of crafting with the blacksmith and jeweler. With all this good news comes some bad….the repair costs at level 60 will be going up. Blizzard doesn’t like the “graveyard zerging” against elite monster packs and wants to make the repair costs important to keep in mind.

Lots of good stuff going on and if you want more details feel free to follow after the break for a full list of changes.


World’s Fastest Inferno Butcher Kill

Wow! Athene is at it again. Like him or absolutely hate him he really drove this Butcher kill home. Before watching the video I half-expected some kind of shadiness going on for a kill that fast, but no…it was straight up and with his eyes closed. LOL

Got a couple of minutes? Give this video a quick watch.


Easy Act 3 Inferno Farming – Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I just saw this on the Diablo Fans forum and thought some of you might find it useful. Not sure how I would classify it since it does seem to be taking advantage of mobs getting stuck. The concern on the forum is only basically when Blizzard will fix it. I imagine Blizzard will fix it fairly quickly, so if you want to farm this get started on it now. 🙂 Yes, this still does work post-patch today (May 29th).

Anyway, either if you agree with taking advantage of pathing issues for mobs or not this can get you a bit of gold and, if you’re lucky, some decent drops. Have fun!