Patch 1.0.5 PTR Madness – Monster Power and Sprint Nerf

I have spent a bit of time on the PTR last night and was able to record this video. Lots of changes are happening in 1.0.5 and a few major changes. I covered two major changes in the video above: […]

Patch 1.0.5 Preparation and Barbarian Paragon Leveling Update

News for patch 1.0.5 has started to be released. It seems like this patch will be another good step forward for Diablo 3. In this patch you can expect to see the Infernal Machine and the new Monster Power system. […]

Legendary Item Changes Patch 1.0.4

Blizzard just graced us with a new developer blog post which outlines the Legendary item changes we can expect in patch 1.0.4. Here’s a few of the changes that makes my mouth water: -Some legendary items will grant your character […]

Read About the Systems Preview in Patch 1.0.4

If you haven’t seen it yet, the systems preview blog post for patch 1.0.4 is now live. It looks like there is a bunch of goodies coming for 1.0.4 which is expected to drop at the end of this month. […]

Diablo 3 Character Profiles Are Here!

Just a quick news update. The “long-awaited” character profiles are finally here! (I, personally, would rather see a patch…but something is better than nothing I guess.) After browsing around at my characters for a little bit I noticed one MAJOR […]

Patch 1.0.3 Skeleton King Changes and What Demon Hunter Build to Wear?

Just got done putting a short video together showing the new change to the Skeleton King in Inferno along with trying out a new build for my Demon Hunter. The Nether Tentacle nerf really did hit a lot of Demon […]

The Complete List of Patch 1.0.3 Nerfs

As you probably know already, patch 1.0.3 hit the live servers today. Instead of doing the usual copy/paste of the complete patch notes (like every other Diablo site) I thought doing a list of nerfs would be helpful to many […]

Diablo 3 Hotfix June 9th – Good Bye Sweet Pots Full O’ Money

Blizzard did a small hotfix today that fixed a couple different things. One of the major things was reducing the amount of gold that is dropped in Act 1 pots of ashes and Act 4 vases. This pretty much makes […]

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Preview – Inferno Nerf Inc, Crafting Costs Down and Repair Costs Up

UPDATE: Patch 1.0.3 is going live today 6/19! Maintenance today from 3:00am PDT to 1:00 PDT. Blizzard just put out a preview of what we can expect to see in the next patch (1.0.3). They are changing a lot especially […]

World’s Fastest Inferno Butcher Kill

Wow! Athene is at it again. Like him or absolutely hate him he really drove this Butcher kill home. Before watching the video I half-expected some kind of shadiness going on for a kill that fast, but no…it was straight […]