D3 Core of Arreat Farming for Legendaries Patch 2.0.2

Wanting to get some more legendary drops? This “Core run” is currently pretty popular to do because a lot of people have great success with it. This is a pretty simple and fast run at the Core of Arreat in Act III. I have a breakdown of the route below and watch the video above to see the run in action!

Here’s the farming route breakdown:

  • Start at the Act III Kill Azmodan quest.
  • Head to the Core of Arreat using the waypoint.
  • Start at the beginning and go all the way to get the checkpoint right before entering Azmodan’s room.
  • Make sure to open all the chests! Chests usually have most of the legendaries in this run.
  • Killing monsters is really optional, although I like to do it to help keep it real.
  • Pick up everything. A lot of stuff is selling really well on the AH before it’s shut down.
  • Try it out for an hour and see what kind of results you have.

That’s pretty much it. Very quick and easy run that anyone can do. It’s not just for the players that can rip apart Torment 6 easily. I hope this helps you out and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!