D3 RoS Hell Rift Bounty Powerleveling Run

Here’s an awesome powerleveling method that can help get you some major levels. It does require a couple of people to do, preferably a lvl 70 friend. This is probably one of the fastest powerleveling methods out there.

Yes, I do realize in the video we do have the 50% community xp buff live. Even without the xp buff this is probably one of the best.

Hell Rift Bounty Run Breakdown

  • Needs a couple of people. Preferably one lvl 70 to boost the lower level character.
  • Have the lower level player make a Torment VI Adventure Mode game.
  • Looking for the Clear the Hell Rift bounty in Act 5. There are 3 different possibilities of bounties here: Clear the Hell Rift, Kill Hammermash, or Kill Sledge. It does require going in and out of games until you get the Clear the Hell Rift bounty.
  • Was able to get my friend from lvl 2 to lvl 14 in one run.

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