D3 RoS List of Bounty Bag Legendary Rewards

Here’s the list of all the Horadric Cache legendary rewards. You can ONLY get these legendaries from the Horadric Caches from doing Bounties. This list is split up into Act specific rewards, for instance if it is listed under Act 1 then it can only drop from the Horadric Cache from doing Act 1 and Act 4 Bounties (Act 4 can drop all of them). I hope that is clear.

There are also some myths about the Caches as well, just remember that the contents of the Cache is determined when it is dropped. You can’t take a Normal Cache to Torment and get the Torment level rewards.

I have also linked directly to the d3 game guide so you can hover over the item to see the stats. On the game guide though, it gives the stats for the lowest required level for the item so keep that in mind. The stats will be much higher for the level 70 versions.

Patch 2.0.5 Update: Bounty Bags can now also drop Torment-only legendaries!

Act 1

Mad Monarch’s Scepter
Ring of Royal Grandeur
Pauldrons of the Skeleton King
Golden Gorget of Leoric
Sanguinary Vambraces

Act 2

Cloak of Deception
Illusory Boots
Gloves of Worship
Coven’s Criterion

Act 3

Avarice Band
Burst of Wrath
Boots of Disregard
Pride’s Fall
Envious Blade
Insatiable Belt
Overwhelming Desire

Act 4

All of the Bounty Bag Legendaries can drop from Act 4.

Act 5

Death’s Bargain
Pandemonium Loop

Only the Soulsmasher I wasn’t able to find a link to it in the Game Guide. With that said, there might be more to the list and I will continue to keep an eye out for new ones. I want to keep this list as complete as I possibly can, so if you know of one that is not on the list please let me know and I’ll get it added.

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This is slightly wrong. You can take a cache to torment and get imperial gems, which you wouldn’t get in normal.

well if you open the bag from normal on torment you can get imperial gems dunno if they can drop from the bags on normal.

@Danny & Zuezzz: As you both of you didn’t post your message on 1 april I guess you’re just retards. It’s confirmed by thousands of people including me and my friends, you can’t farm caches in normal and open them in torment to get torment quality (New lvl 70 legendaries & Imperials). Everyone tried that, everyone.

As you assume others are retards without checking anything i’d like you to read the latest news from blizzard which explain this bug (obtaining imperials from caches dropped in normal and opend in torment ) will be fixed.

so Everyone who tried that got some imperials….

You can’t farm caches in normal and go to torment to get torment quality. The moment the cache drops, the items inside of it are already decided, Blizzard confirmed that.

Yeah, they can evidently also drop any non-Torment legendary as well as the ones listed above.

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