D3 RoS List of Torment Only Legendaries

Since the last list has become so popular and useful to people I decided to get together a new one containing all the Torment difficulty Legendaries that can drop. Like the other list you can hover over the name and see the item stats.

I do have a couple of sets that exist but couldn’t find them in the game guide so I just have the set names listed. Hopefully this can help you decide if you should farm on Torment or not.

Legendary Potions

Bottomless Potion of the Tower
Bottomless Potion of the Diamond
Bottomless Potion of Regeneration
Bottomless Potion of the Leech
Bottomless Potion of Mutation
Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid – OH YEAH!!!

Follower Only Items


Smoking Thurible
Hand of the Prophet


Skeleton Key
Ribald Etchings


Enchanting Favor
Relic of Akarat

Theme Sets

Monkey King’s Garb

Sunwuko’s Balance
Sunwuko’s Crown
Sunwuko’s Paws
Sunwuko’s Shines

Vyr’s Amazing Arcana

Vyr’s Astonishing Aura
Vyr’s Fantastic Finery
Vyr’s Grasping Gauntlets
Vyr’s Swaggering Stance

Thorns of the Invoker

Burden of the Invoker
Crown of the Invoker
Pride of the Invoker
Shackles of the Invoker

The Shadow’s Mantle

The Shadow’s Bane
The Shadow’s Coil
The Shadow’s Grasp
The Shadow’s Heels

Might of the Earth

Eyes of the Earth
Pull of the Earth
Spires of the Earth
Weight of the Earth

Raiment of the Jade Harvester

Jade Harvester’s Courage
Jade Harvester’s Joy
Jade Harvester’s Mercy
Jade Harvester’s Peace
Jade Harvester’s Swiftness
Jade Harvester’s Wisdom

Bastions of Will

Istavan’s Paired Blades

Class Specific Item Sets


Immortal King’s Call

Immortal King’s Boulder Breaker
Immortal King’s Eternal Reign
Immortal King’s Irons
Immortal King’s Stride
Immortal King’s Tribal Binding
Immortal King’s Triumph

Legacy of Raekor

Raekor’s Breeches
Raekor’s Burden
Raekor’s Heart
Raekor’s Striders
Raekor’s Will
Raekor’s Wraps


Tal Rasha’s Elements

Tal Rasha’s Allegiance
Tal Rasha’s Brace
Tal Rasha’s Guise of Wisdom
Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit
Tal Rasha’s Unwavering Glare

Firebird’s Finery

Firebird’s Breast
Firebird’s Down
Firebird’s Eye
Firebird’s Pinions
Firebird’s Plume
Firebird’s Talons
Firebird’s Tarsi

Demon Hunter

Natalya’s Vengeance

Natalya’s Bloody Footprints
Natalya’s Embrace
Natalya’s Reflection
Natalya’s Sight
Natalya’s Slayer

Embodiment of the Marauder

Marauder’s Carapace
Marauder’s Encasement
Marauder’s Gloves
Marauder’s Spines
Marauder’s Treads
Marauder’s Visage


Inna’s Mantra

Inna’s Favor
Inna’s Radiance
Inna’s Reach
Inna’s Temperance
Inna’s Vast Expanse

Raiment of a Thousand Storms

Eight-Demon Boots
Fists of Thunder
Heart of the Crashing Wave
Mantle of the Upside-Down Sinners
Mask of the Searing Sky
Scales of the Dancing Serpent


Armor of Akkhan

Breastplate of Akkhan
Cuisses of Akkhan
Gauntlets of Akkhan
Helm of Akkhan
Pauldrons of Akkhan
Sabatons of Akkhan

Witch Doctor

Zunimassa’s Haunt

Zunimassa’s Marrow
Zunimassa’s Pox
Zunimassa’s String of Skulls
Zunimassa’s Trail
Zunimassa’s Vision

Helltooth Harness

Helltooth Gauntlets
Helltooth Greaves
Helltooth Leg Guards
Helltooth Mantle
Helltooth Tunic
Mask of Jeram

That’s it as far as I know. 🙂 Like the other list I will keep this updated over time to be a great and useful resource. Like always, remember to come check out my stream and to subscribe to my YouTube channel.