D3 RoS List of Where to Farm Legendary Crafting Materials

Hey guys, I was going to put together a huge list to help you when you are looking where to farm certain legendary crafting materials. After looking around though, I saw one that is totally awesome and decided to link to it instead. This list looks to be updated a whole lot and is by far the most comprehensive one I’ve seen.

Click Here To See The List

Thank you Angzt for this sweet, sweet list! 🙂

It also lists the current drop rate for the legendary crafting materials and a future drop rate after they get buffed a bit. So, to answer your question….what is the drop rate for legendary crafting materials from SuperUniques….here you go:

Normal difficulty
Current: 5%
Future: 15%

Hard difficulty
Current: 6%
Future: 18%

Expert difficulty
Current: 7.2%
Future: 21%

Master difficulty
Current: 8.6%
Future: 25%

Torment I
Current: 10.4%
Future: 31%

Torment II
Current: 12.4%
Future: 37%

Torment III
Current: 14.9%
Future: 44%

Torment IV
Current: 17.9%
Future: 53%

Torment V
Current: 21.5%
Future: 64%

Torment VI
Current: 25.8%
Future: 77%