Diablo 3 – Act 1 Goblin Farming Patch 2.0.3

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything about goblin farming. I remember back in the day watching Kripp farm that goblin in Act 2 on hardcore. This farming spot kinda brings back the fun a bit especially now since everything on the AH is selling pretty high and fast.

There are a lot of good things going for this run besides the goblin. I spent a good hour last night doing these runs and was able to get quite a few gems, crafting mats, and white items that I sold on the auction house.

Anyway, watch the video above to see the spot or read through the breakdown below.

Act 1 Goblin Farming Breakdown

  • Can start on any quest after the Old Ruins waypoint.
  • Go to Old Ruins, get your white item from the weapon rack, and then look for the Dark Cellar.
  • Inside the Cellar the Goblin can spawn, if he doesn’t you can get up to 2 chests in here.
  • He doesn’t spawn everytime, but enough to make this spot pretty profitable.
  • I run this on Torment 1 because I want to be able to kill the Goblin quickly and easily. No need for higher Torment levels.

Try this spot out and let us know what you get. It’s a great way to say good-bye to the AH by selling a lot of stuff and making some gold.

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