Diablo 3 Crafting Changes in 2.0.1

Along with the other changes, crafting got a pretty big makeover to help simplify it. At least that’s what I see the reason being. Very much a welcome change in my eyes. Here a breakdown of the crafting changes you probably noticed in patch 2.0.1.

A lot of the crafting materials are totally gone. Don’t worry though, they have been switched to the new crafting materials. If you have a ton of Demonic Essences you probably had a lot of Tome of Secrets. All the different essences that were different at each difficulty level have all been condensed down to these materials.

  • Common Debris
  • Iridescent Tear
  • Exquisite Essence
  • Fiery Brimstone
  • Demonic Essence

Common Debris

This is a new crafting material that is needed to craft a lot of stuff. You can get this crafting material from salvaging white or grey items. It can also just drop off monsters. Salvaging an item to get debris is probably your best bet since each item salvage gives more than 1.

I’ve been getting from 7-10 common debris from each salvage. I haven’t salvaged many though, so it could vary a lot more. The takeaway for this material is to actually pick up white items and salvage them.

Iridescent Tear

This crafting material is really more of the same as they were before the patch. They are used for some crafting recipes but doesn’t seem to be required for the best crafting items. These can be found by salvaging rare (yellow) items.

Exquisite Essence

This crafting material is a bit more useful as it is needed in pretty big quantities for the best crafting items. You can find these from salvaging magic (blue) items.

Fiery Brimstone

This crafting material is used to craft level 60 legendary/set items. The usefulness is kinda limited now and even more so once RoS hits. You can find these from salvaging legendary and set items.

Demonic Essence

This crafting material is used in pretty much all the crafting recipes. This makes it pretty useful for now. These only drop from monster packs (rare/elite) and bosses.

This pretty much sums up the crafting changes PRE-RoS. Once Reaper of Souls is launched you can bet there will be new and more crafting materials for the new tier.

My advice is to use up the crafting materials you have now to get together a set of gear ready for leveling in the expansion. Or, you can try to get rid of them on the Auction House before that is taken offline.