Diablo 3 Impressions So Far

Long time no post!  I was doing well up until the release.  Oh well, it happens.  For today’s post I figured I would talk a bit about my experience playing Diablo 3 and what I currently think of the game.  Come along, it’ll be a fun ride.  🙂

Launch day felt a bit like Christmas morning for me and tons of people I imagine.  Peaking around the corner looking at the presents sitting there in front of your face and not being able to open them until the parents woke up.  Then 2am hits, the server goes live….you get to open the presents and WTF….ERROR 37!!!!!  Very frustrating for a lot of players, and I was able to play after an hour and a half of trying to login.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that many players have totally gone apeshit over the mishap.  I was mad, but after I was able to login the game was running smooth and was fun.  I quickly forgot about the dreaded Error 37 troubles and started progressing through.

So far in the game I have spent a total of 84 hours on my demon hunter, hit max level and am sitting in Act 1 Inferno. Still need better gear for Inferno…but that’s the fun part, right? I think so, I’m progressed that far in the game and not tired of playing my DH yet.

My overall feel of the game is pretty good. I think it really does have a few issues that need to be fixed (AH, legendaries) but overall D3 IS the game I have waited a long time for. In my book Blizzard has done a great job on this game and it’ll be better once they get some of the issues out of the way.

The auction house issues are currently being worked on, like the commodity bug. That bug would sometimes cause you to buy commodities at much higher prices than you originally bid on. I know a lot of people who have lost a ton of gold because of it. One thing that I don’t really care for is the amount of time it takes to put items/gold back into your stash. Sometimes it is instant, other times it takes forever.

Blizzard currently has the commodity trading disabled as of right now so hopefully it will be fixed rather quickly. I am still very interested in seeing how the RMAH will play out….as of right now they have taken the time frame of May 29th off the table as a release date for the feature. I am glad they are working out the bugs with the AH using the gold AH instead of having a buggy RMAH though.

The whole legendary debate is another thing I read about and kinda makes me a bit sad. Yes, Blizzard doesn’t want super powerful items making the game trivial for players (cough…Enigma…cough)…but replacing a legendary with a blue magic item is just wrong at max level. It’s one thing to roll better stats on the blue item but have it better than a perfect legendary is kinda wrong IMO. I have currently found 3 legendaries in the game so far, but have been able to use none of them as they are low level items. Found 2 crossbows and a quiver so far. Of course I found the quiver while playing my barb, stupid quivers! 🙂

For these small issues I feel like Blizzard will get them taken care of pretty quick.