Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Preview – Inferno Nerf Inc, Crafting Costs Down and Repair Costs Up

UPDATE: Patch 1.0.3 is going live today 6/19! Maintenance today from 3:00am PDT to 1:00 PDT.

Blizzard just put out a preview of what we can expect to see in the next patch (1.0.3). They are changing a lot especially when it comes to the end-game. Inferno will be seeing a difficulty nerf in Acts 2-4.

The drop rates on lvl 61-63 items will be increasing in late Hell and Inferno. Stop crafting until this patch hits as it will reduce the costs of crafting with the blacksmith and jeweler. With all this good news comes some bad….the repair costs at level 60 will be going up. Blizzard doesn’t like the “graveyard zerging” against elite monster packs and wants to make the repair costs important to keep in mind.

Lots of good stuff going on and if you want more details feel free to follow after the break for a full list of changes.

Patch 1.0.3 Preview Notes

Inferno Difficulty

  • Blizzard likes the current difficulty of Act 1 Inferno.
  • Don’t like the huge jump of difficulty into Act 2. They want a less steep curve from Act to Act.
  • Monster health and damage in Acts 2-4 will be adjusted to help make it a bit smoother.

Repair Costs

  • Blizzard doesn’t want the “graveyard zerging” of elite packs to happen and they want repair costs at 60 to be “noticeable”.
  • Will be increasing repair costs by 4-6 times the current amount to combat the zerging.

Class Balancing

  • Won’t be happening majorly until patch 1.1 although you can expect some small amount of changes.


  • Changed drop rates so the best items do have a small chance to drop in Act 1 Inferno.
  • Legendaries won’t have stats changed in this patch, but they are working on making the Legendaries more….legendary

Nephalem Valor

  • Bosses will no longer be guaranteed to drop 2 rares when you have 5 stacks of the buff, but instead just 1 rare.
  • Elite packs will drop a guaranteed rare when you have 5 stacks of the buff.

Attack Speed

  • Planning on reducing the amount of Attack Speed that can be found on items to reduce the effectiveness of it. They don’t want players to think it is a must have stat.
  • Fixed the modifier on a bunch of items so it works properly now.


  • Blacksmith and Jeweler costs have been reduced. Jeweler costs have been significantly decreased on the first 8 tiers (up to Flawless Square).

Click here for the full Blizzard blog post.