Diablo 3 RoS Fast Solo Powerleveling

UPDATE: This run has been nerfed as of 4/8/14 with patch 2.0.4.

Hey guys, I put this video together very quickly to share this great solo powerleveling method with you. It involves starting in Adventure mode, heading to Act III and looking for a quest from the Rakkis Crossing waypoint.

The quest giver is the fallen soldier up against the wall (Private James). It doesn’t involve killing any monsters, just running past them if possible. I don’t recommend this for Hardcore since getting killed is VERY likely to happen.

Private James doesn’t spawn all that often but when he does it is an easy 11 million XP on Torment VI. It takes 3 quest turn-ins at level 64 to hit 65, so very quick. I would say he spawns about 1/10 of the time. The main downtime you will have will be going in and out of games.

All you do is grab the quest, run up the stairs and turn it in. That’s it! I do imagine Blizzard will nerf this pretty quickly so act fast if you want.

On a side note, you can also get quite a bit of gold each run for this. I see around 100k gold each turn-in, so a few million can be had very quickly.