Patch Notes

Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.0.4 Changes – Buffs and Nerfs

Instead of doing a copy pasta of the most current patch notes for patch 2.0.4, I did a video going over some of the bigger buffs and nerfs. This should give you a brief breakdown of what to expect with the new patch.

I am wanting to do more videos like this one when patches hit as a way to let you know which videos that I’ve done in the past no longer work. Don’t worry though, I will update those specific blog posts to let you know when they are no longer effective.

Here’s a link to the official 2.0.4 patch notes:

Here’s a quick rundown of the buffs and nerfs of patch 2.0.4.


  • Clicking on items in chat has “hopefully” been fixed and it’s easier to click on them!
  • Resplendent chests have been buffed.
  • Legendary crafting mats drop chance has been increased.
  • Crafting set items no longer requires a Flawless Royal gem, instead it requires a Marquise gem.
  • Crafted legendary shields can now roll the correct lvl 70 values.


  • Manglemaw runs have been nerfed.
  • The Act III Rakkis Crossing Event has been changed (Crazy Climber event). You must now kill all the monsters that spawn before you are able to turn in the quest.
  • Some “bug fixes” for the Wizard’s Frozen Orb. This means the area that Frozen Orb does damage has been decreased and the chill effect has been reduced as well.
  • Gloves of Worship – Empower and Fleeting shrines no longer last an hour but only 10 minutes as intended.
  • Moonlight Ward amulet has been nerfed. Now has a 1-2 second internal cooldown.

Fun Stuff

  • New icons for gambling!
  • New paragon portraits are in the game!

That pretty much rounds this patch out. Of course, if I missed anything that is really important let me know. Also, if you want more information about a certain buff/nerf take a look at the official patch notes. Also, as always….don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube videos and come hang out during my live streams on Twitch!