Everything You Need To Know About The 2.0.1 Reset Quests Feature

The new reset quest feature is pretty awesome. I have used it a lot myself for when I play through the game again and again.

I keep seeing a lot of questions about what exactly does it do, the benefits of using it, as well as the disadvantages of using it. So I thought it might be time to put together a nice complete post about the feature.

Why Add the Reset Quests Button?

I figured we could start here to give a nice overview and to get into the head of the developers for a moment. Since Blizzard took out the multiple difficulty levels (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Inferno) they thought they should add in a way to basically reset the quests and start from the beginning of the game after beating it.

Kinda as a way for players that like that specific type of play to keep doing it. I’m pretty sure this was the sole purpose of it in the beginning. With the way patch 2.0.1 really evolved the game this feature has also started to evolve.

Remember: Once you click the Reset Quests button you will start from the VERY beginning. You will have to get all the waypoints again and do all the quests again. It’s a way for a FRESH playthrough.

Advantages of using the Reset Quests Button

There are several advantages and they are listed below. As of right now, these are all the ones I know of. I’m sure in the future Blizzard may add more or take away some. You can never truly know for certain with Blizzard. 🙂

  • Get full quest experience and gold from completing the quests. This is one of the most recent changes to help combat players farming quests over and over again. Playing any quest after the first time gives no gold and less experience points.
  • Guaranteed legendary drop! At the time of this writing, the Skeleton King is bugged and gives a level 60 character a legendary item when he is killed the first time. A lot of players play through the entire game and would reset quests to get that drop over and over again from SK. I’m thinking the next patch Blizzard will be taking that away from Skeleton King and giving it to Diablo, so this will be here and a nice advantage to using the reset quests button.

Note: Main bosses from each act (instead of the Butcher in Act 1 you have the Skeleton King) for characters levels 1-59 should get a legendary drop every time without worrying about the reset quests button.

I beat Diablo, why can’t I use the Reset Quests Button?

I see this question a lot. Just because you beat Diablo doesn’t mean the Reset Quests button will be usable. In order to have it available you HAVE to do EVERY SINGLE PART TO EVERY SINGLE QUEST in the game. That really is a major turn-off to some players since it does take some time to play through the whole game.

How can I see which quests (or quest parts) I’m missing?

Blizzard really needs to help come up with a way to easily see which quests you are missing. It can be really annoying if you are just missing a small one. Here’s a way to check which Act you are missing something in.

  • Head to Game Settings and select Public Game under Multiplayer.
  • Click on Change (above Reset Quests button) and any act that doesn’t have the “Any Quest” option is incomplete.
  • Play a game completely through that Act from the beginning.

That’s about the only way right now to check what you are missing. Pretty annoying? Yeah, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

That’s pretty much everything when it comes to this button. It’s not really super complicated but it isn’t explained very well in the game either. Have fun with it! I know I’ve used it several times on my Barbarian so far and will use it more up until the expansion launches on the 25th.