Everything You Need to Know About the Sprint Barbarian Build

The Sprint/Whirlwind Barbarian build is the one that I use everyday when doing farming runs. It combines great movement speed in navigating dungeons and nice damage. Using it to skip all the regular mobs to find the elite pack is probably the best part of it.

In this article, I’m going to give you everything that you need to know about the build and how to start using it today.

Here’s the Sprint build that I use:!ZYV!YZcYZc

Bash with Instigation – This helps get you going if you have no Fury, or if you get into a tricky spot and need some Fury fast. You get 12 additional Fury per attack with this.

Whirlwind with Hurricane – Whirlwind is really just a small amount of additional damage for this build, nothing to write home about. The main use for this skill is your ability to go through mobs when using it. That way you can line up your Sprint tornadoes in the middle of huge packs of monsters to do the most damage.

Wrath of Berserker – This skill is extremely helpful in increasing your damage when fighting elite packs AND, more importantly, making you immune to the different snare affixes that some elite packs have (jailer, frozen, nightmarish, etc.). You can use a couple different runes with this skill and they all work out pretty well. It just comes down to preference. I chose to go with Thrive on Chaos, but Slaughter and Insanity are good to use as well.

Battle Rage with Into The Fray – This skill increases your damage and gives you 3% Crit Hit chance, it also generates more Fury for you. You want to keep this skill up at all times.

Sprint with Run Like The Wind – This is the bread and butter of the build. When sprinting you leave tornadoes in your wake that do damage. These don’t move, but do damage to mobs every half second. Most of the damage for this build comes just from the tornadoes. It’s important to remember to always be sprinting. Usually with this build, if you stop sprinting then you can die easily.

War Cry with Impunity – This skill is another must keep up at all times. Not only does it give you a small amount of Fury when you cast it, but it gives you 50% more resistances. This is super important to pretty much any Barbarian build.

Passive Skills

Ruthless – This is pretty much self explanatory. The amount of Crit Hit Chance and Damage it gives is very nice for this build.

Weapons Master – Use a Mace or Axe in your main hand for this since it will give you 10% more Crit Hit Chance. That’s pretty much a must.

For the last passive skill it really can be up to you which one to use. I use Tough as Nails since it gives me more armor than Nerves of Steel. Either one is great to use. If you have tons of armor then you might be able to get away with using a damage increasing passive skill such as Brawler.

Gear Requirements

There are a few things to keep in mind when gearing up for this build. The most important is to REMEMBER TO GET DEFENSIVE STATS in addition to offensive stats. It can be said that defensive stats might be more important. When I started with this build, I used the same gear that I had for my Tank Barb. The only difference was switching out my shield for another one hander. That’s a good place to start. Too many people that try this build focus solely on damage/crit and then wonder why they die all the time. A good number to shoot for with All Resists is over 850 (that’s buffed with War Cry) and a good amount of life to have is 40k.

Next important gear factor is Life on Hit. You want to have over 1000 LoH. Since the Sprint tornadoes do damage every half second you will gain life every half second. That is the reason why you never want to stop Sprinting. Sprint is your damage dealer as well as your life line. 🙂

The weapon choices are a bit straight forward. In your main hand you want to use either a Mace or Axe to get the benefit from the Weapons Master skill. In your off hand you want basically a “stat stick”, a weapon that has a nice amount of stats on it. Strength, LoH, and Crit Hit Damage are good things to look for. The reason for this is because the Sprint tornadoes damage is only based off your main hand weapon, not your off hand. With your off hand you also want it to be a faster weapon than your main hand.

If you would like to see my current stats, here’s a video that I put together a few days ago.

That’s pretty much it. Getting used to this build does take awhile since it really is far removed from any other Barbarian build out there. Use it, practice with it, and before you know it it’ll become second nature.