Getting Ready For Diablo 3 – Getting All Your Digital Ducks In A Row

Here’s another post in our “Getting Ready For Diablo 3” series.  We are less than a week to go for the release so now is time to get your game downloaded, computer running well, and any other digital issues that we could run into.

I am going to start with getting the game downloaded (if you did digital download).  You probably should already have this done as more and more people will be downloading the game client from Blizzard the closer we get to release.  If you haven’t don’t worry and get it done today.  🙂  This will also help make sure you don’t run into any issues when installing the game client on Monday (14th).  The download itself is a pretty hefty size, so if you have a slower internet connection stop reading this and go download the game!

This is also a great time to clean out all the digital junk that is on your computer.  Delete programs that you installed but never really used at all.  Clean out your temporary files, and the like.  We really aren’t going for a spotless computer but are making sure space is available for the game.

Next thing to do would be to get a good virus scanner going and making sure there are no issues.  This is good to do on a regular basis anyway, although we are doing it almost a week in advance so we don’t run into any issues at 12:01 on Tuesday.  Trust me…issues that happen then are beyond annoying.

Remember, that although you can download the game now, you can not install it until Monday (May 14th).  When Monday gets here be sure to install early so you can squash any bugs before 12:01 Tuesday!  🙂

This post is pretty short but getting all of this done will take some time.  Remember, the earlier you do it the better!