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Getting Ready For Diablo 3 – Picking Your First Character And Skills

Now we are starting to get into the nitty-gritty stuff.  Hey…there are only 2 days until release!  YAY!!!!  🙂

This post I decided we should focus on picking that first special character to play through the game with.  While I can’t decide which one you should play first, I can tell you that picking the one that seems like the most fun is a good way to start.

I have decided to play a Demon Hunter first, since it was the most fun character (to me) in the beta.  I then started playing around with Blizzard’s skill calculator to choose what skills to play with.

While we still largely have no idea how a majority of the skills will play it is a bunch of guessing at this point but fun nonetheless.  🙂

I didn’t really bother trying to pick what skills I would be using at level 60….I did stop at level 30.  I figured that it would give me a good basis before hitting Nightmare where I might have to switch them all up.

Anyway, here’s my level 30 Demon Hunter build.  To brighten up the blog a bit with some pretty pictures I’ve posted it below as well.


I went with Hungering Arrow and Rapid Fire mainly due to the fun I had with both of these during beta. I couldn’t really get into Entangling Shot or Bola Shot that much. The rest of the choices are mainly around slowing down enemies and nuking them. Fan of Knives seemed like a nice touch in case I were to get surrounded.

Anyway, click on the link above or head to the official Diablo 3 site to play with the calculator yourself. Let me know in the comments below what you decided on trying out first and your builds.