Great Way To Farm Gold and Paragon XP

After seeing a bunch of you guys wondering how to farm a ton of gold in RoS, I decided…well…that would probably be a great topic to cover. 🙂 The good part of this is that it can also give you a ton of Paragon XP as well as gold.

The bad part is you will be somewhat limited on how much gold/xp you make by the Torment level you can play on. Obviously the highest Torment level you can do quickly is the best, but even at lower Torment levels you can still make a lot of gold.

These bounties are both really fast and give great gold/xp split up by Act.

Act 1

  • Clear the Khazra Den

Act 3

  • Cryder’s Outpost
  • Clear the Forward Barracks

Act 4

  • Clear the Hell Rift

All of these bounties are only one level, meaning you won’t waste your time trying to find level two. These also give the same gold/xp of the Clear the Hell Rift bounty which is pretty popular. The downside is you will encounter elite packs on all of these except for Clear the Hell Rift.

Feel free to mix and match these up with some of your personal favorite bounties. I sometimes like to include the Jar of Souls (Act 1) event bounty and Miner’s Gold (Act 2).

Put these together and you will have yourself a nice little farming run which can earn you a lot of gold.