Here’s My Act 1 Inferno Farming Route For Patch 1.0.3

I put together this video about Act 1 Inferno farming since a lot of people have been asking for something like this. I know my route is a bit different than other routes I have seen which is pretty cool. It really is kinda fun to not have to farm the same spot over and over again to get loot.

This route has helped me make tons of gold over the past few weeks and was even able to find a rare ring that sold for 20 million gold on the gold AH.

Once you get to Inferno and can easily clear Act 1 then you can use this farming run to your advantage. One key thing to remember is you don’t need super awesome gear to get this done, but better gear will help you clear it faster.

Here’s the basic breakdown:

Start at the Imprisoned Angel quest at the very beginning (or at the Cursed Hold quest if you want to shorten it).

Hit up the Cemetery of the Forsaken and clear every Defiled Crypt you see. You can usually get 3-5 stacks of NV doing this, possibly a goblin, and possibly an event.

Next stop is Cathedral Level 3 waypoint. There usually is an elite sitting fairly close to the waypoint.

After that, hit up the Festering Woods and search for the Warrior’s Rest and the Crypt of the Ancients. They both have one elite pack inside and the locations are pretty easy to find.

Now you will want to go to Northern Highlands and head west. You are looking to see if the Watch Tower has spawned. You can usually get quite a few elite packs inside and/or a Resplendent Chest.

Go to Leoric’s Manor and start heading backwards toward the entrance. There usually is one elite pack inside and usually 2 elite packs outside the entrance. From there you can either run back through the Manor and head down to the Halls of Agony or use your town portal and go back through the waypoint there to save a bit of time.

Finish up going through all the levels of the Halls of Agony exploring everywhere you can. The Cursed Hold has a lot of elite packs and the Warden (who is super easy). Kill him and go all the way to the Butcher (if you can’t kill the Butcher easily you can skip him).

Now port back to town and head to the Old Ruins and head west to see if the Dank Cellar is open for some pretty much free loot. After that you can head to the Cathedral Garden to see if the chest spawned (northeast of the waypoint and before going down to the Cathedral). You can easily see the chest when you are standing on the waypoint.

That is pretty much what I do to farm elite packs in Act 1 Inferno. I’ve got a lot of nice gear and items to sell on the AH. Use this and hopefully you will have some good luck with this as well.

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1. Start from Northern Highland, if watch tower is not there reset

2. Everything else

3. Cemetery of the Forsaken after you have 5 stack, as event with 5 stack = 1 more rare

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