Here’s My Fire Barbarian

Hey guys, I finished leveling up my second barbarian to level 70 and decided to make this one a fire barb. This way I won’t have to switch out gear and skills and all that fun stuff when wanting to play a different build.

Here’s a link to this character’s profile

I have quite a few of the base pieces of gear for this build, but most of them are not very good. There is a ton of improvement that can happen before I go crazy with this character. That really is pretty exciting as well.

Currently at 2/4 pieces of the Might of the Earth set and my Fire skills damage is at 110%. My Crit Hit Chance and Crit Hit Dmg is pretty low as well as my Vitality. I really need to work on those.

Future plans for this character is obviously getting better gear, completing the EQ set, as well as finetuning the build and adjusting the Paragon points.