High Crit Demon Hunter Build Guide AKA Glass Cannon Build

PATCH 1.0.3 UPDATE: With the nerf of Attack Speed and the Nether Tentacles in patch 1.0.3 there are a few things I would change up with this spec. The first thing is to use Elemental Arrow with Ball Lightning in place of NT. The other thing is to not worry about getting tons of Attack Speed. It is still good, but far less of it is available on gear. Now I would focus more on Critical Hit Chance and Damage along with Dexterity.

One of the most popular builds for Demon Hunters currently is the High Critical Damage build. Everybody, it seems, uses this or a variation. Here’s my take on this popular build.

This build is really for those players who love to not get hit AT ALL. With this build if you get hit (and don’t have a lucky Dodge) you will die. It really is the ultimate take on a “glass cannon”. You can really dish out the damage, but have no survivability at all.

This build is NOT hardcore friendly (unless you are feeling extra crazy). The basis of the build is getting your critical hits extremely high and pretty much one shotting everything before they one shot you. Read on for the build and my notes on it.

Important Stats To Go With

1. Dexterity is very important and a must. That is pretty much a no-brainer since it’s THE go to stat for Demon Hunters to go damage.

2. Attack Speed. More attacks per second is great. I usually go for having slightly more than 2 attacks per second.

3. Critical Hit Chance. We want this so we can crit more often. Higher damage, more often. You will usually not find a whole lot of this stat which is okay since we will be using Sharpshooter, although every little bit helps.

4. Critical Hit Damage. Now that we have a great basis of Dex and IAS we want to take the top end of the crit damage up to the next level. That is what Critical Hit Damage does, it really moves your upper limit of crit damage and makes it higher.

Notice we didn’t waste any stats on Vitality or Resistances. When looking for items, look for the above stats first and after that if you want you can do some Vitality if you want a little bit more life. Although with this build in Inferno everything will one shot you. Kill before you are killed is the name of the game.

Current Build


Hungering Arrow with Devouring Arrow rune. I really love this skill since it is nice against single enemies and ones that move way too fast for Elemental Arrow to hit them.

Elemental Arrow with Nether Tentacles rune. This is the bread and butter of this build. These tentacles move slowly and can hit in the enemies hit box more than once as they pass through. This with Sharpshooter really can unload tons of damage right up front in the fight.

Smoke Screen with Lingering Fog rune. SS will be your “get out of jail free” card and the rune makes it last half a second longer. That’s 1.5 seconds you are invulnerable which is still pretty powerful even after the massive nerf it received. This also is important to use a lot when you run into elite packs with Reflect Damage on them.

Preparation with Backup Plan rune. This is used to refill your Discipline to full so you can use Smoke Screen more often. Some players like using the Battle Scars rune which gives you life back, but I don’t find it necessary for this build since you get one shot.

Marked for Death with Mortal Enemy rune. This is mainly used on boss fights. On boss fights this serves 2 different purposes. The obvious one is it makes the boss take more damage which is always good. It also gives you a good way to get your Hatred back faster when using Hungering Arrow after you empty your Hatred. Keep this up on the boss at all times and you can keep up dishing out massive damage.

Companion with Bat Companion rune. The bat really is there to help you regen your Hatred. This build can take massive amounts of Hatred and when you run out your dps really suffers. Keep your bat out at all times. Keep note that your bat will aggro stuff sometimes when you don’t want it to. Keep on eye on it and you’ll be alright.

Passive Skills

Steady Aim increases your damage to enemies that are further than 10 yards away. It’s pretty much a free damage increase of 20% since if enemies get closer than that then you are usually dead.

Archery does different things depending on what weapon you use. The goto weapon choice of this build is 2 handed crossbows. These weapons are a bit slower, but pack a bigger bang than the others. This passive adds 50% more Critical Hit Damage. It’s also good when finding a weapon to get one with a socket and add another 45% more Critical Damage to it.

Sharpshooter is the main beast. It gives you 3% more Critical Hit Chance every 1 second until you are maxed. This combined with Nether Tentacles is why you can really dish out massive damage and kill things instantly. This passive is also why you see videos of Demon Hunters with 100k+ damage. It really inflates your damage numbers when it’s maxed. When you need to know your true damage number just switch this passive out for something else and you can see your true damage numbers.

This is what I use a lot especially when playing in groups. It’s great for farming since you can mow down enemies really fast and even be able to take on content that you probably shouldn’t be able to do at your current gear level. That’s why it really is popular.

Do you run a variation of this build? Let us know in the comments below.

6 replies on “High Crit Demon Hunter Build Guide AKA Glass Cannon Build”

We have the exact same passive skills, but my question is, is there a cap on Crit%? The way Movement speed is capped at 25%?

Because i was thinking, if i get 60 % crit on gear, wouldnt that make sharpshooter a bit obsolete?

Am i thinking right here?


I don’t think there is a cap on Crit %. You are right though in saying that if you have 60% crit chance then you could switch out Sharpshooter for something else like maybe Nightstalker for example. That way you can get more Smokescreens going and with that much crit chance I don’t think you would miss Sharpshooter that much.

Also, i have armor and gear which are gemmed for DEX, should i invest on Crit gems and replace all of them with it?

For my weapons, i use Rubies for more damage but if i use crits, will that improve my DPS?

You can only put Crit Dmg gems in weapons and yes, I would replace the Rubies for more Crit Dmg. The Rubies are nice for leveling but kinda useless when you hit 60.

You will see a DPS increase because when you Crit your top end of the Crit will be higher and therefore do more damage.

Having Dex gems in all other slots (except for Helm) is good to have.

Lastly, i see a lot of guys bragging about thorns. Heres my take on it, so what if they have 5000 thorns, an enemy can dish out 30-40 of damage so i dont think 5000 is enough to offset it right?

With this Glass Cannon build you don’t want thorns because if you get hit one or two times you die. Thorns would be a waste to have for this build.

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