How I Kill The Skeleton King Solo Inferno

Thought I would put together a little video walking you through how I kill the Skeleton King on Inferno. If you are having problems killing him as a Demon Hunter then here are a few things that helped me kill him the first few times.

Wear a shield. I’m not kidding. It does seem funny but having a shield on those first few kills really helped a lot because it prevented SK from one shotting me. I used it until I could take a hit without getting one shot. Practice, practice, practice.

The other thing that helped was being able to time his teleport swing. When you start seeing him teleport hit Smoke Screen and that’ll protect you. You have to time it right since you really only have a second. You can also sometimes run away from it but I prefer to use Smoke Screen.

Still having trouble? Then it’s time to go farm some items or buy from the AH. It shouldn’t take a long time to get some nice items to help you along. The Cemetery is a great place to start farming at since it is full of elite packs. If you are still stuck with that then Sarkoth runs will be what you need.