How To Boost Your Barbarian’s Movement Speed A Lot

Hey guys, one of the biggest questions I get on my stream when I’m doing normal bounty farming is how do I get my Barb to run so fast. I thought it would make for a good, short little video and guide.

There’s a couple different items that I use to help me go really fast and I feel that both of them are pretty easy to get. You really don’t need any crazy good rolls on them, heck you could even use lvl 60 versions if that’s all you have. The items are Warzechian Armguards and Chilanik’s Chain.

I also change up my build a bit to use Sprint with Marathon (40% movement speed for 4 seconds) and War Cry with Charge (to help gain Fury). All of this stuff works well together and can help you both maintain a good speed and have a really high burst speed when you can. Great to use when farming Normal bounties.

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