Lightning Whirlwind (WW) Barb Build

Hey guys, here’s my take on the Lightning WW Barb build. I have found it to be pretty effective so far and really like it. It does require some specific gear in order to be great, so keep that in mind.

You want a lot of % to Lightning skills damage and, ideally, you would want a Thunderfury and a Shard of Hate as the weapons. Also though if you don’t have those weapons a Fulminator and Odyn Son are great choices of weapons for this build as well. This build can scale up pretty well to higher Torment levels once you have some nice gear.

Build Breakdown

Build Link:!ehgj!cYZcZb

Build Notes

  • I like the extra dmg that comes from Rend with Bloodbath. For higher difficulty levels you can also switch to Rend with Blood Lust.
  • If having Fury problems can swap out Superstition to Animosity.
  • Can also switch out Rend for Weapon Throw with the Lightning rune for even more Fury regen if needed.
  • I usually keep Wrath and Earthquake to kill elite packs quickly.
  • Use Overpower as much as possible. Doesn’t cost any Fury and CD is reduced when you get Crit Hits.

That’s pretty much all there is to this build. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube videos and come hang out with me on the stream.