List of all the Lvl 70 Set and Legendary Plans

Hey guys, after picking up what seems to be plan after plan, I was wondering how many of these legendary plans exist. I know I’m probably not the only person that wonders that. So, I thought I would put together a list of all of the level 70 legendary plans.

This list only includes the blacksmith recipes as it is pretty easy to determine what plans you get for the jeweler. I have the regular Legendary plans broken down into two categories (Armor, Off-Hand, and Weapons) and have the Set plans in their own category.

Also, instead of showing you the plan tooltip when you hover over it, I am showing you what item the plan makes. I find this easier and faster to see what’s so special about each and every legendary. The sets are different since one plan makes multiple items and these are broken down into each piece of the set.

Anyway, I hope this list helps you out. Let me know if you notice any mistakes or if I’ve left anything out. Also, remember next time you get a legendary plan to drop you didn’t want….be happy…and learn it so it won’t drop again.

Legendary Plans


Arcane Barb
Blood-Magic Edge
Cinder Switch
Demon Claw
Golden Scourge
Griswold’s Perfection
Lai Yui’s Persuader
Living Umbral Oath
Mark of the Magi
Night’s Reaping
Rozpedin’s Force
Sydryu Crust
Unbound Bolt
Utar’s Roar
War of the Dead


Archifiend Arrows
Cosmic Strand
Piro Marella
Wall of Man


Board Walkers
Fleeting Strap
Kethrves’ Splint
Mantle of the Rydraelm
Pender’s Purchase
Reaper’s Wraps
Skelons Deceit
The Helm of Rule

Set Plans

Asheara’s Vestments

Asheara’s Custodian
Asheara’s Finders
Asheara’s Pace
Asheara’s Ward

Aughild’s Authority

Aughild’s Power
Aughild’s Rule
Aughild’s Search
Aughild’s Spike

Born’s Command

Born’s Frozen Soul
Born’s Furious Wrath
Born’s Priviledge

Cain’s Destiny

Cain’s Habit
Cain’s Insight
Cain’s Scriviner
Cain’s Travelers

Captain Crimson’s Trimmings

Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle
Captain Crimson’s Thrust
Captain Crimson’s Waders

Demon’s Hide

Demon’s Aileron
Demon’s Animus
Demon’s Marrow
Demon’s Plate
Demon’s Restraint

Guardian’s Jeopardy

Guardian’s Aversion
Guardian’s Case
Guardian’s Gaze

Hallowed Protectors

Hallowed Barricade
Hallowed Baton
Hallowed Breach
Hallowed Condemnation
Hallowed Hold
Hallowed Nemesis
Hallowed Sufferance

Sage’s Journey

Sage’s Apogee
Sage’s Passage
Sage’s Purchase

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