Major Rift and Gambling Loot Hotfix

Hey guys, this hotfix went live last night. It really is a major change to the way we are going to farm for legendaries. There is a whole huge explanation why from Blizzard. The main running reason behind it is they want players to do rifts as the end game in Diablo 3 RoS.

So, they decided to increase the legendary drop rate in rifts by 100% and they even decided to buff the legendary drop rate for Kadala even more than that. That’s good and all but there were a lot of other not so good changes as well. One of those being chests are going to be rare. Not super rare but not farmable either. They also buffed the drops from chests a bit to counter-act that. So, if you see a chest now make sure to open it.

Blizzard also nerfed the Unique monsters (purple-named monsters) you find in the game to be on the same drop table as champions and elite packs. They won’t drop as much loot anymore.

So, for now, the best way to farm for legendaries is to:

  • Run rifts.
  • Gamble your blood shards.

I think this is a pretty good change and actually makes blood shards kinda rewarding instead of just being there. Anyway, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube videos and come check out my stream on Twitch!