Easy Act 3 Inferno Farming – Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I just saw this on the Diablo Fans forum and thought some of you might find it useful. Not sure how I would classify it since it does seem to be taking advantage of mobs getting stuck. The concern on the forum is only basically when Blizzard will fix it. I imagine Blizzard will fix it fairly quickly, so if you want to farm this get started on it now. 🙂 Yes, this still does work post-patch today (May 29th).

Anyway, either if you agree with taking advantage of pathing issues for mobs or not this can get you a bit of gold and, if you’re lucky, some decent drops. Have fun!


How To Unlock Whimsyshire – The Not-So-Secret Pony Level

I took some time today to unlock the new secret “cow” level. It really isn’t a secret at all that it exists but I know it can be difficult to find everything you need to know about it in one place. Hence, the purpose of this guide.

I’m going to walk you through all the steps that you need to take in order to start slaughtering teddy bears and ponies while eating cupcakes.

WARNING! You may need your sunglasses to play it.


Act 1 Inferno Cleared! The Butcher Has Been Butchered!

I spent a good amount of time last night finally being able to get through Act 1 Inferno.  The Butcher has been defeated!  I wasn’t able to do this solo…yet, so I enlisted the help of the Public Games feature.

Yeah, you heard that correctly…I was able to find a game in the Public Games that had a good group of people to play with and was able to work as a team to get Act 1 done.  Yes, there were plenty of deaths on the way through the Act.  It seemed like every rare or champion mob had mortars and shields with the occasionally arcane.  It did seem like there were quite a few packs that I didn’t think we could get through but we managed to get through them.

I think the favorite pack we had was Mortar/Shielding/Arcane/Plagued.  When I say favorite I mean…OMG I didn’t think we could beat them.  We were backed up to the spawn point a couple of times and we all know that is not good.  I didn’t get any good screenshots of any of the packs though.  It was fun but exhausting…we ended up killing the Butcher around 3am I think it was.

I started out on Act 2 solo today and I keep getting one-shot by the dang wasps that fly around right outside of the city gates.  LOL….gonna have to gear up a lot to go any further I think.  Time to go back and get to work on having the Butcher on farm.  That’ll probably even take some time to accomplish.  Overall, so far I’m really liking the difficulty of Inferno mode.  One thing I will never do though is take a Hardcore character there…LOL.  🙂


Putting Low Level Legendaries To “Good” Use

After writing the last post I thought I would put my couple of legendaries to good use, so I started another Demon Hunter. Got this one to level 8, and have equipped the legendaries. I don’t really know if I would consider it good use or not, but here we go.

They are:
Bakkan Caster
Sin Seekers

That was a bit of fun…probably will replace the crossbow at least fairly soon. 🙂 Here is my new level 8 Demon Hunter in all her glory!  Doesn’t the crossbow look pretty cool?

Why didn’t I just sell them on the AH?

I didn’t sell them because basically I probably couldn’t have sold them at a price that would be worth it. I see 25+ pages of auctions for each item and the prices range from insanely low (500g) to insanely high (over 1 million gold). It really doesn’t look like they sell at all, as most people are looking for max level weapons.  That and these are probably the “junk” legendaries.  😛


Diablo 3 Impressions So Far

Long time no post!  I was doing well up until the release.  Oh well, it happens.  For today’s post I figured I would talk a bit about my experience playing Diablo 3 and what I currently think of the game.  Come along, it’ll be a fun ride.  🙂

Guides News

Getting Ready For Diablo 3 – Picking Your First Character And Skills

Now we are starting to get into the nitty-gritty stuff.  Hey…there are only 2 days until release!  YAY!!!!  🙂

This post I decided we should focus on picking that first special character to play through the game with.  While I can’t decide which one you should play first, I can tell you that picking the one that seems like the most fun is a good way to start.


Getting Ready For Diablo 3 – Getting All Your Digital Ducks In A Row

Here’s another post in our “Getting Ready For Diablo 3” series.  We are less than a week to go for the release so now is time to get your game downloaded, computer running well, and any other digital issues that we could run into.

Lore News

Getting Ready For Diablo 3 – Refreshing The Story

We are almost exactly one week away from the release of Diablo 3. I know everyone is looking forward to next Tuesday, but are you really ready for it? This series helps you get ready for release day and beyond.


Watch Out For These Diablo 3 Guide Scams!

Diablo 3 is going to be released on May 15th. 11 days left (as of this writing). Everyone is very excited and want to get the jump but don’t forget to watch out for scam guides.


Goodbye Beta! Hello Release!

The Diablo 3 beta is now officially over. I just uninstalled it and got me thinking about how the game will be during release.

Throughout the beta I was able to log at very least 100 hours playing over and over searching for the nice beta drops.

I leveled up 3 of each class to level 13. The best part was it was always fun and didn’t get boring. That’s what has me the most excited about release. I know I will easily log thousands of hours over the rest of the year.

There is a lot of conflicting reviews of the beta but for me, the beta was awesome and very much a Diablo game. Can’t wait until the 15th.

Blizzard has also released the TV spots they will be using for the game. Here they are:

TV Spot #1:

TV Spot #2: Click here to see the video

Exciting times are quickly approaching for Diablo gamers. I just wish it would hurry up and get here. 🙂