Diablo 3 RoS Fast Solo Powerleveling

UPDATE: This run has been nerfed as of 4/8/14 with patch 2.0.4.

Hey guys, I put this video together very quickly to share this great solo powerleveling method with you. It involves starting in Adventure mode, heading to Act III and looking for a quest from the Rakkis Crossing waypoint.

The quest giver is the fallen soldier up against the wall (Private James). It doesn’t involve killing any monsters, just running past them if possible. I don’t recommend this for Hardcore since getting killed is VERY likely to happen.

Private James doesn’t spawn all that often but when he does it is an easy 11 million XP on Torment VI. It takes 3 quest turn-ins at level 64 to hit 65, so very quick. I would say he spawns about 1/10 of the time. The main downtime you will have will be going in and out of games.

All you do is grab the quest, run up the stairs and turn it in. That’s it! I do imagine Blizzard will nerf this pretty quickly so act fast if you want.

On a side note, you can also get quite a bit of gold each run for this. I see around 100k gold each turn-in, so a few million can be had very quickly.


D3 RoS List of Bounty Bag Legendary Rewards

Here’s the list of all the Horadric Cache legendary rewards. You can ONLY get these legendaries from the Horadric Caches from doing Bounties. This list is split up into Act specific rewards, for instance if it is listed under Act 1 then it can only drop from the Horadric Cache from doing Act 1 and Act 4 Bounties (Act 4 can drop all of them). I hope that is clear.

There are also some myths about the Caches as well, just remember that the contents of the Cache is determined when it is dropped. You can’t take a Normal Cache to Torment and get the Torment level rewards.

I have also linked directly to the d3 game guide so you can hover over the item to see the stats. On the game guide though, it gives the stats for the lowest required level for the item so keep that in mind. The stats will be much higher for the level 70 versions.

Patch 2.0.5 Update: Bounty Bags can now also drop Torment-only legendaries!


D3 RoS Update On My Lvl 70 Barb

Hey guys, got my Barb to level 70 early in the morning and thought I would do a quick video going over my current gear, skills, etc.

It’s all a work in progress, so if you have any ideas for improvement let me know! 🙂

Long way to go to get him where I want him but I’m okay with that. Anyway, enjoy the video, hopefully you can learn something from it and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!


Act 3 Keep Depth Runs For Legendaries and XP

I put together today’s video showing a nice run that I’ve had success with the past few days. For most runs that are out right now, they are either experience runs or legendary runs. This run has a bit of both!

You could get a nice group of 4 people together and crank up the difficulty to Torment VI and grind out that XP or you can just cruise yourself through on Torment 1 for some fun, some xp, and a good shot at some legendaries! It’s a pretty customizable place to farm until the expansion hits on March 25th!

Keep Runs Breakdown

  • Start at Act III The Breached Keep quest at the beginning of the quest.
  • The run consists of doing all 3 levels of the Keep Depths including killing Ghom.
  • Pretty self-explanatory run with huge potential. I got 4 upgrades this week in this location.

That pretty much sums it up. My best in this location is 12 legendaries in about 6 hours of farming this spot. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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Wave of Force Wizard Build

Here’s another fun Wizard build you can play around with as you wait for the expansion to hit. When I leveled up my second Wizard I started trying out Wave of Force and really did like it. I was left wondering if it could be the base skill in a build and still be viable in Torment difficulty. The answer is actually yes! It’s a pretty fun build and totally different than the Frozen Orb build I did earlier.

Build Breakdown

Build Link:!Yce!acbaZZ

Build Notes

  • Pretty simple build, buff up, dump Arcane Power with Wave of Force, and Spectral Blade to get Arcane Power back (and also increase the Fire damage).
  • I use Energy Armor with Pinpoint Barrier for the extra 5% crit, if you don’t have a ton of Arcane Power then you can go with something different.
  • Slow Time with Time Warp to give more damage. Pretty much most of the skills I chose are to help increase my damage against monsters. We want Wave of Force doing as much damage as possible.

That’s pretty much it! Try it out and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube videos and don’t forget to come hang out on my live stream right here.


PSA: AH Shuts Down Tomorrow!!!

Just a quick PSA letting people know that the AH is going to shut down tomorrow, probably when maintanence starts on 3/18 at 3:00am PST. Now is a great time to sell a bunch of stuff to get rid of before the expansion hits.

Here’s what I am doing to prepare for no AH:

  • Selling all my gems (that aren’t being used on characters).
  • Selling any white items I can find for 30k-40k each.
  • Selling crafting mats that won’t be used for crafting past level 60.
  • Selling any old decent gear that is cluttering up my stash.

I currently am not buying anything from the AH. I feel like saving all my gold for the expansion is the best way to go. We are also only 8 days away from RoS! I’m pretty excited about it!


D3 Frost Arrow Demon Hunter Build

I haven’t played the Demon Hunter much at all since patch 2.0 came out. I did get a chance to play around with it earlier today and found this build to be pretty fun.

My gear on my DH is pretty weak at the moment but still had some fun with this. I thought I would share it with you guys. Watch the video above to check it out or continue reading for the build breakdown.

As always, let me know about any changes that you have found that works better.

Build Breakdown

Build Link:!ecY!YZbZcc

Build Notes

  • I chose to go with the Wolf companion since it gives increased damage. If you find yourself running out of hatred then going with the bat companion would be a good idea.
  • On lower Torment levels you might not need as much survivability as I’m using, so might want to play around with that if your damage is already pretty high.
  • Entangling Shot with Justice is Served along with Frost Arrow continue keeping monsters slowed so you can get that extra 20% damage from Cull of the Weak passive.

Anyway, that wraps it up! Try it out and let me know what you think! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube videos if you haven’t already!


Getting Ready For RoS and AH Closure

I put this quick video together today to go over what I’m doing to prepare for the expansion and the closure of the AH on Tuesday (3/18). This really isn’t any mind blowing stuff but I do highly recommend you put together a plan on what you need to accomplish to be ready for the expansion.

AH Closure:

  • Sell all the extra gems you currently have. In RoS you will see the Marquise gems dropping.
  • Sell all the crafting mats you have (unless you decide to do a few crafts for upgrades).
  • Sell all the white/gray items you find for anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 each.
  • Any old gear you have that is worth something, sell it as well.

RoS Preparation:

  • I wouldn’t craft any upgrades for your geared characters right now. (Exception to this is any character that has really bad gear and it won’t take but a few crafts to get an upgrade.) Save all the gold you can for level 70.
  • Paragon levels are nice and can help you out a lot at level 70. My goal is a conservative Paragon level 200. I’m already at 183 and I don’t want to burn myself out before the expansion hits. 200 Paragon levels will allow you to max out 1 attribute in each of the different categories.

That’s pretty much it. As you can see nothing crazy or mind blowing here. Just make sure you get together a plan that will help put you in a good spot for RoS.


Diablo 3 – Act 1 Goblin Farming Patch 2.0.3

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything about goblin farming. I remember back in the day watching Kripp farm that goblin in Act 2 on hardcore. This farming spot kinda brings back the fun a bit especially now since everything on the AH is selling pretty high and fast.

There are a lot of good things going for this run besides the goblin. I spent a good hour last night doing these runs and was able to get quite a few gems, crafting mats, and white items that I sold on the auction house.

Anyway, watch the video above to see the spot or read through the breakdown below.

Act 1 Goblin Farming Breakdown

  • Can start on any quest after the Old Ruins waypoint.
  • Go to Old Ruins, get your white item from the weapon rack, and then look for the Dark Cellar.
  • Inside the Cellar the Goblin can spawn, if he doesn’t you can get up to 2 chests in here.
  • He doesn’t spawn everytime, but enough to make this spot pretty profitable.
  • I run this on Torment 1 because I want to be able to kill the Goblin quickly and easily. No need for higher Torment levels.

Try this spot out and let us know what you get. It’s a great way to say good-bye to the AH by selling a lot of stuff and making some gold.

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D3 Fire Barb Build Patch 2.0

Here’s a fun build that I’ve been running around with lately, the fire barbarian build. It really is fun and a bit different to play than the other barb builds.

This one focuses around the Seismic Slam skill and is a good, fun alternative to Whirlwind. Check out the video above to see it in action or read on to see the build breakdown.

Build Breakdown

Build Link:!Whe!ZcbcZb

Build Notes

  • Some items can really help this build shine. Look for Max Fury, Fire Damage, Cooldown Reduction items.
  • Paragon points are good spent in Cooldown Reduction, Resource Cost Reduction, and Max Fury.
  • Seismic Slam is the only main Fury spender you have, the rest are to either buff damage (Battle Rage) or generate Fury with.
  • You do have to manage your Fury, it does require a little bit of skill but can be done pretty easily.
  • A big 2-hander is great to use. I use a Skorn in the video.

That pretty much covers it for this build. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you haven’t yet, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube videos! 🙂