Patch 1.0.5 PTR Madness – Monster Power and Sprint Nerf

I have spent a bit of time on the PTR last night and was able to record this video. Lots of changes are happening in 1.0.5 and a few major changes.

I covered two major changes in the video above: Monster Power and the Sprint nerf.

The new Monster Power system is pretty cool and a very welcome addition to Diablo 3. The questions I had about it were pretty simple ones. How hard will Monster Power 10 be and What kind of rewards can we expect from Monster Power.

Watch the video above or continue reading to learn more…

Monster Power 10 isn’t super difficult, it just takes forever to kill anything. On my barb I have around 800 all resists without Warcry and I didn’t really run into any close death calls. So defensive wise that is a good place to be. I really need to up my damage in order to be able to consider Monster Power 10 as being farm-able. In the video I did an Azmodan fight to show you how insane the monster health scaling is.

The rewards for Monster Power are pretty much the same kind of rewards from Paragon leveling, Increased Magic Find and Gold Find. With my Paragon level of 66 I am at 198% base MF/GF and with the bonus for Monster Power 10 I hit 491%. So you can see the rewards can be pretty insane. Totally worth it if you can farm at a decent speed.

I also looked at the Sprint – Run Like The Wind nerf. The proc coefficient was nerfed from .2 to .08 (20% to 8%). That really affects things like Life on Hit and Fury generation. To help fix some of these issues I used Animosity (for better Fury generation) and also used a Mighty Weapon in my main hand. With these you can’t really tell that much of a difference in the build. Without these you will notice a difference, but overall the build is still viable. The better your gear, the less of a difference you can notice.