PSA: AH Shuts Down Tomorrow!!!

Just a quick PSA letting people know that the AH is going to shut down tomorrow, probably when maintanence starts on 3/18 at 3:00am PST. Now is a great time to sell a bunch of stuff to get rid of before the expansion hits.

Here’s what I am doing to prepare for no AH:

  • Selling all my gems (that aren’t being used on characters).
  • Selling any white items I can find for 30k-40k each.
  • Selling crafting mats that won’t be used for crafting past level 60.
  • Selling any old decent gear that is cluttering up my stash.

I currently am not buying anything from the AH. I feel like saving all my gold for the expansion is the best way to go. We are also only 8 days away from RoS! I’m pretty excited about it!